Planet Fitness Prices & Membership Cost

Looking for an affordable gym membership that won’t break the bank? Look no further than Planet Fitness Prices!

With over 2,000 locations across the globe, this well-known fitness center chain provides an affordable gym experience that accommodates all levels of fitness. 

Planet Fitness Prices & Membership Cost

In this post, we’ll explore the world of Planet Fitness Prices & Membership Cost to help you determine which gym is the most suitable for you. No matter if you’re a novice or an experienced gym rat take a look to find out more about the expenses related to Planet Fitness memberships and how to make the most of your fitness experience.

Planet Fitness Prices & Membership Cost

Given below are the general prices of different types of Planet Fitness memberships.

Planet Fitness Black Card
Unlimited Access to all clubs
Startup/Initiation Fee$1.00
Annual Fee (12 month membership)$39.00
Monthly Fee$22.99
Cancellation FeeNil
Planet Fitness Classic
One club access, but unlimited access to facilities
Startup/Initiation Fee$10.00
Annual Fee$39.00
Monthly Fee$10.00
Cancellation FeeNil
Planet Fitness No commitment Membership
One club access, but unlimited access to facilities
Startup/Initiation Fee$15.00
Annual Fee$39.00
Monthly Dues$15.00
Cancellation Fee$0.00

How much does Planet Fitness cost?

Planet Fitness offers several different membership options, each of which comes with distinct benefits and charges. The simplest membership, referred to by”Classic” membership “Classic” membership, starts at only $10 per month.

It provides all the benefits of a gym including unlimited classes and access to its renowned “Black Card” amenities such as massage chairs, tanning beds, and hydro-massage beds.

If you’re looking for an extra benefit, Planet Fitness offers a “PF Black Card” membership for $22.99 per month. 

The membership offers all the advantages that come with the Classic membership plus extra benefits such as the option of bringing an additional guest each time you go to the gym, accessibility to every Planet Fitness location worldwide, and discounts at select stores as well as online retailers.

It’s important to note that membership fees and prices can vary slightly based on the area of the gym, as well as any discounts or promotions currently running. 

For the most up-to-date prices, it’s recommended to inquire with the nearest Planet Fitness location or visit their website for the most current details.

How much does it cost to join Planet Fitness?

The cost to join Planet Fitness depends on what kind of membership you sign up for.

If you are interested in to purchase a PF Black card or their superior membership program, your initial fee is only 1 dollar.

If you want to join Planet Fitness’ basic membership, you could be required to pay $10 for the initial fee. And, If you’re looking for an uncommitment-free plan which you’d think, you might be required to pay more. For instance, to begin a Planet Fitness no-commitment membership it is necessary to pay $15 for the joining cost.

Planet Fitness monthly membership fee

It is the Planet Fitness monthly fee also depends on the type of membership you select.

The cost per month for various types of Planet Fitness memberships is listed below:

  • Black card PF monthly cost: $22.99
  • PF’s classic monthly fee $10
  • No commitment to PF Fees per month: $15

How Much is My Planet Fitness annual fee?

No matter which plan you select, you will have to pay $39 for the annual Planet Fitness membership fee. This is applicable to Black card Classic, classic, as well as no-commitment Planet Fitness memberships.

Can I go to any Planet Fitness with my membership?  

If you own your Planet Fitness Black Card, you are able to visit any of the more than 600 locations within the United States.

They also claim that you can attend every Planet Fitness anywhere around the world. Planet Fitness does have clubs in other countries such as Canada, Mexico, and Australia (list not all-inclusive).

Can I put in my Planet Fitness membership?

You can also freeze all of your Planet Fitness classes but mostly just due to medical reasons. If you are in any medical condition, you should call your gym in person and send the request to place your membership on hold.

Like all clubs, each might have their own rules. So, speaking to them directly is the best way to go.

How much does it cost to cancel Planet Fitness membership?  

Planet Fitness Prices & Membership Cost

In general, there is no cost to end a Planet Fitness membership. This is applicable to classic, black cards and of course members with no commitment.

Is it hard to cancel a Planet Fitness membership?  

We’re not lying. It’s not always simple to end the Planet Fitness membership. Why do we say so? It’s not because of any hidden costs. The problem is that there’s currently no way to make a cancellation request online, something that many of the other gyms permit.

So, you might have to attend the club personally and then submit your request in person.

Another thing to remember is that you must send in the Planet Fitness membership cancellation request within 30 days of the date you want to cancel. 

If you’ve signed a contract for the specified time period the membership will be immediately canceled following the period, and you will not need to take any additional steps in these cases.

How much is the PF Black Card?  

In light of all these features and the unlimited access to the internet, an Black Card with PF Black Card is actually cheap.

Generally speaking, you can purchase the PF credit card in black for just $1.00 and an annual cost of $39.00. Then the month-to-month Planet Fitness Black card fee will be $22.99.

Is Planet Fitness black card no commitment?  

It’s not always the case. Most of the time, Planet Fitness Black Card memberships are accompanied by an agreement, typically of 12 months.

However, certain clubs could provide additional promotional offers that allow you to combine the benefits of a black card with a no-commitment type.

Is Planet Fitness a 12-month commitment?  

Yes If you choose the no-commitment option Planet Fitness generally is a 12- month contract.

However, certain clubs might offer separate 6-month, 18-month, or similar packages. For more information, you should contact the club closest to you.

Is Planet Fitness really only $10 a month?  

If you choose to take a Classic Planet Fitness membership, you’ll only have to pay $10 dollars per month. It’s about similar to a monthly Netflix subscription!

What is the reason why Planet Fitness charge me $40?

Yes, Planet Fitness will charge you $40 once you have your membership. It is an annual fee that is applicable to nearly all membership plans at PF.

Do I have to go to Planet Fitness with a past due balance?

The short answer is yes. Technically, it is possible to visit Planet Fitness with a past-due balance. But, in the end, you’ll have to pay your debts because you’ve agreed to the agreement.

If you’re using a credit card you’re aware that the cost of membership fees can impact your score on credit.

Can I pay for one year at Planet Fitness?  

Yes, you can pay for the entire year’s membership with Planet Fitness. 

To do that, you’ll need to be able to shell out $199 (excluding taxes and other charges) and then you can enjoy the benefits of your Planet Fitness membership for 12 months without owing charges on a monthly basis.

With this plan, however, you’ll be receiving the standard Planet Fitness membership with which you have access to only the gym at home, along with free WiFi and Fitness classes.

To find out if the local Planet Fitness club has one-year-long Black cards, you can contact them directly.

Planet Fitness Initiation Fee

Yes, there are some costs for joining that you have to pay when signing up for a Planet Fitness membership.

But for the classic and black card memberships, the fee for initiation will be just $1.00 and $10 for both. These aren’t huge amounts. If you opt for a non-commitment subscription and you want to join, you must pay a minimum of $15 for the start-up cost.

FAQs – Planet Fitness Prices & Membership Cost

What is the cost of the Planet Fitness Black Card membership?

It is a Planet Fitness Black Card membership that costs $22.99 per month.

Can I bring a guest with me to Planet Fitness if I have a Classic membership?

However, Classic members are not permitted to bring guests along to their gyms with them. Planet Fitness. Only Black Card members have this privilege.

What is included in the Planet Fitness Classic membership?

The Classic membership provides all the benefits of a gym subscription, unrestricted fitness classes, and access to their Black Card amenities such as massage chairs, tanning beds, and hydro-massage beds.

Are there any additional fees associated with Planet Fitness memberships?

Yes, there is an annual fee of $39 due to all members keeping all equipment and facilities.

Can I cancel my Planet Fitness membership at any time?

Members have the option to terminate the membership they have at any point. But, it’s crucial to read the conditions and terms of your membership agreement to determine if there are any cancellation charges or penalties.