How To Downgrade Planet Fitness Membership?

Consider How To Downgrade Planet Fitness Membership? This comprehensive guide will help you understand the steps involved in downgrading your Planet Fitness Membership and give you valuable information to make an informed choice. 

Downgrading your gym membership can be a better solution, whether it is due to financial restrictions, changing fitness goals, or lifestyle changes. 

We’ll explore the different membership levels, discuss reasons for downgrading, and review Planet Fitness membership policies. We’ll also provide a step-by-step guide to the downgrade process. 

How To Downgrade Planet Fitness Membership?

If you want to know How To Downgrade Planet Fitness Membership? to make the most out of your fitness journey then keep reading.

Can you downgrade your Planet Fitness membership on the app?

Can I downgrade or transfer my membership to another club within the app? Please visit to transfer your membership. 

If you need to make changes to your membership, please visit your local club. How can I lower my membership with planet fitness? 

Your membership cannot be canceled by email, by phone, or via the Planet Fitness site. There are only two options that you can use: visit in person or send a letter. To cancel in person, visit the front desk of your club and ask for a cancellation form.

Reasons to downgrade your Planet Fitness membership

You may have a number of reasons for wanting to downgrade your Planet Fitness membership. Some of the common reasons are:

  • Financial constraints
  • You may be able to move to an area without a Planet Fitness gym
  • Insufficient time to use the premium membership benefits
  • Personal preference for basic membership
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You can lower your membership level to save money and better meet your needs. Try the Incidental exercise: The hidden benefits of daily movement.

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Steps to Downgrade Your Planet Fitness Membership

Follow these steps to downgrade your Planet Fitness membership:

Step 1: Determine your contract’s terms

You must know your contract terms before you can downgrade your membership. You can check your contract to determine if it has a set term or is a month-to-month agreement. The options you have will be determined by this.

Step 2: Visit your home club

Speak to the staff at your club about downgrading. You can talk about the reasons you want to downgrade your membership and the options that are available. You will receive the necessary paperwork from them and be guided through the process.

Step 3: Complete the necessary paperwork

After discussing your options with the staff, you’ll need to complete the paperwork. You may need to fill out a new membership contract, a cancellation agreement, or a change of membership form.

Step 4: Paying the applicable fees

You may have to pay fees if you decide to downgrade your membership. The fees you pay will depend on your contract and membership options. Ask the staff about any fees that may apply.

Step 5: Confirmation

After submitting the required paperwork and paying the applicable fees, you should receive confirmation that Planet Fitness has successfully changed your membership. You may receive this confirmation via email or letter.

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Tips for Downgrading Your Planet Fitness Membership

  • Before you downgrade your membership, make sure that you are familiar with the contract terms.
  • Speak to the staff at your club about your options
  • Complete all the required paperwork
  • Prepare to pay all applicable fees
  • Verify that your membership has changed.

Does it cost to downgrade planet fitness membership?

    You can easily downgrade your Planet Fitness membership by visiting the location where you purchased it. The staff at planet fitness can help you with the entire procedure. There is a cost to downgrade a planet fitness membership.

    If a person has a contract, they will have to pay around $99 to downgrade their planet fitness membership. The cancellation or downgrade and upgrade of a membership at Planet Fitness does not result in any refunds.

    If a person wishes to cancel their Planet Fitness membership, they must visit the gym to get the postal address and then send the application to this address. The membership will be canceled in about seven days.


    It is possible to downgrade a Planet Fitness Membership in certain circumstances. Members can find the right membership for their needs by understanding all the options available, reviewing the policies, and following the downgrade process. 

    Downgrading does not mean that all amenities are lost. By maximizing the benefits of a lower membership, members can continue to achieve their fitness goals.

    FAQs – How To Downgrade Planet Fitness Membership?

    Can I downgrade my Planet Fitness membership online?

    Planet Fitness provides online tools for managing accounts that let members make changes, such as downgrading their membership.

    Will I lose access to all Planet Fitness locations if I downgrade?

    Access to certain locations may be restricted if the membership level is downgraded. Review the membership terms and conditions.

    Are there any fees associated with downgrading a membership?

    Planet Fitness’s policies regarding fees associated with changing memberships may vary. When downgrading, it’s best to ask about possible fees.

    Can I upgrade my membership again in the future?

    Planet Fitness allows its members to upgrade at any time. However, this is subject to availability and fees.

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