How Much Is Planet Fitness Annual Fee?

Do you have questions about the costs of joining Planet Fitness? You’re at the right place. This article will explore the question “How Much Is Planet Fitness Annual Fee?” 

We want to give you all the information that you need to make a well-informed decision. Understanding the annual fee structure of Planet Fitness is important, whether you are a fitness enthusiast searching for a gym that’s affordable or curious about membership options. 

How Much Is Planet Fitness Annual Fee?

We will explore the factors that affect the annual fee and compare it to other gyms. Then we will evaluate whether the investment was worth it. Let’s dig into the details of Planet Fitness’s annual fee.

How Much Is Planet Fitness Annual Fee?

Planet Fitness charges an annual fee. The annual fee is used to purchase, maintain, upgrade, or improve other facilities.

You can contact the Planet Fitness front desk staff for more information about the annual fee. They will provide you with all the necessary details.

What is the annual fee for Planet Fitness?

Planet Fitness charges an average annual fee of $39. The annual fee for any membership, whether it is a black card, classic or no-commitment, is $39.

What is the Annual Fee for the Planet Fitness Black Card Card?

You will be charged $39 for the annual fee of the Planet Fitness Black Card, 8 weeks after joining the gym.

Does Planet Fitness Charge Annual Fee Every Year

Planet Fitness does charge an annual fee. Currently, the annual fee is $39 but they can change it at any time.

All clubs charge the same annual fee. Contact your club for any updates on annual fees.

When does Planet Fitness charge the annual fee?

Planet Fitness bills the annual fee eight weeks after joining the club. There is no set date for planet fitness to bill the annual fee.

Some of you may be thinking about waiting until ‘the annual fees billing date’ before joining so you can save $39. This is not the way to go. The gym will charge you the annual fee eight weeks after joining.

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Why does Planet Fitness charge an annual fee?

Planet Fitness’ annual fee is primarily to improve its gym facilities. The improvement of the gym may involve buying new equipment, maintaining existing ones, or improving other facilities.

A Planet Fitness membership costs as little as $10 per month. The gym offers one of the lowest membership prices in America. The club may not be able to maintain the facility with just the monthly membership fee.

In addition, not only Planet Fitness, but also most other fitness centers in America charge an annual fee. This is on top of the hefty monthly charges.

The annual fee is only $39, which is not a large amount. You will pay a little over 3 dollars a month for it (39/12). We believe that Planet Fitness’s annual fee is completely justified.

How to Avoid Planet Fitness Annual Fee

There is no way to avoid the annual Planet Fitness fee.

Some people thought that Planet Fitness would bill their annual fee on a specific day each year. When they ask the club when they’ll have to pay the annual fee, they may be told a date that is eight weeks later.

Hearing this, many people believed that Planet Fitness’s stated date was the same for all members regardless of the time they joined. Some people tried to wait until that date, and then join the gym. Planet Fitness charged them the annual fee two months/8 weeks after joining.

No matter when you sign up, the $39 fee will be billed 8 weeks after joining. You can’t avoid paying the annual fee unless you ask the club for special consideration.

What Month Does Planet Fitness Charge Its Annual Fee

Planet Fitness does not charge an annual fee for a fixed month. When you sign up, determine the date that the annual fee is billed.

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If you join Planet Fitness at the beginning of August, the annual fee is charged to your account on the first day of October. If you join Planet Fitness on the first of March, your annual fee will be charged on the first of May.

Can you cancel Planet Fitness before the annual fee?

Yes, technically. You can save the annual fee if you cancel 8 weeks after joining Planet Fitness.

The problem is that if you decide to cancel your membership early, it will cost you a cancellation fee. This fee will be usually higher than the annual fee. It is not a good plan to cancel your membership to avoid paying the annual fee.

You will also need to give 30 days’ notice to cancel your Planet Fitness membership. Also, remember to keep this in mind.

The pros and cons of annual fees

You now know the annual cost of Planet Fitness and when it is charged. It’s time to determine if you want to renew your membership. Here are some tips that will help you weigh the pros and cons.

The Pros and Cons of Renewal

Cons: Renewal of your membership allows you to lock in the discounted rate for a full year and access all online tools and classes. Some locations also offer a discount on the annual membership fee for certain payment options.

Cons: If you cancel your membership or decide to change it before the end of 12 months, there may be a cancellation charge. If you switch from a month-to-month membership to an annual one, you may have to pay a prorated fee.

Making an Informed Choice

The decision to renew a Planet Fitness membership ultimately comes down to weighing the pros and cons. Make an informed decision by considering your budget, fitness goals, and lifestyle. 

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Take advantage of any specials and discounts that are available when you renew your membership.

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Final Thoughts

The annual fee for Planet Fitness is $39 which is the same as your monthly fee for 4 months (if you choose to get a basic membership). If you’re strictly on a tight budget, the annual fee might be a bit much.

You can’t get a gym subscription for less than $10 anywhere else except Planet Fitness. We think that the annual fee for Planet Fitness is justified.

FAQs – How Much Is Planet Fitness Annual Fee?

What is the average annual fee at Planet Fitness?

The annual fee is dependent on the location and the membership level. For accurate pricing information, it is best to contact your local Planet Fitness.

Are there any hidden fees at Planet Fitness?

Planet Fitness has additional fees for certain services and amenities, but these are usually disclosed upfront. Examine the membership agreement to ensure you are aware of all possible charges.

Can I cancel my Planet Fitness membership at any time?

Planet Fitness members can cancel their memberships at any time. It’s best to read the terms and conditions carefully before signing up. Specific cancellation policies can vary.

Do all Planet Fitness gyms have the same annual fee?

No. The annual fee can vary between locations. The fee structure can be affected by factors such as the local market and amenities offered.

Can I upgrade my Basic membership to a Black Card membership later?

Planet Fitness allows you to upgrade the membership level. Ask your local gym about the upgrade procedure and pay the difference.

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