How Much Does Planet Fitness Pay

Are you interested in the compensation structure of Planet Fitness? If yes, then you’re at the right spot. In this article, we’ll examine the question of “How Much Does Planet Fitness Pay?” to provide you with useful information. 

Learn the ins and outs of the pay system they employ including entry-level positions, managerial positions, benefits for employees, and opportunities to advance your career. 

How Much Does Planet Fitness Pay

If you’re considering entering the fitness industry, or are looking for an exciting new job, knowing Planet Fitness’ pay rates is vital. Let’s examine the earning potential and pay guidelines that are in place at Planet Fitness together.

How Much Do Planet Fitness Employees Make?

The hourly and average salary costs that are paid to Planet Fitness employees largely depend on their place as well as their experience, shifts, as well as the place of the club. 

As an example, the average retail sales associates earn $8.96 for an hour while clerks who handle shipping and receiving are paid the equivalent of $18/hour.

According to data, the median Planet Fitness annual salary is $43,790. This is less than Retro Fitness, Fitworks, and The Alaska Club, whose employees earn around $46,500 annually.

Most people who apply for jobs in Planet Fitness usually get entry-level jobs (such as member’s service representatives, desk, and sales assistants). 

According to the most recent reviews of employees, entry-level employees are likely to earn an annual earnings of approximately or under $25,000 annually.

How much does Planet Fitness pay overnight?

If you work during the night for Planet Fitness, your hourly earnings will be greater. There are a variety of overnight work jobs available in Planet Fitness, from a custodian to a supervisor.

While the rate may vary according to the job the typical hourly rate for those working in the overnight hours will be at least $12. The wage could vary between to $10 and up $14 an hour. If you’re in search of a part-time job you could find this an ideal chance.

Does Planet Fitness Pay Weekly or Biweekly?

The pay rate for employees at Planet Fitness may vary depending on the location, expertise, and experience of employees’ managers. In the majority of cases, Planet Fitness pays its employees every two weeks.

What day is payday at Planet Fitness?

All employees of Planet Fitness get paid on the 15th and 30th of each month. As we said they’re paid according to their hourly wage which can differ based on the position they hold as well as the experience of the worker and place of work.

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Planet Fitness Salary per Position

The typical Planet Fitness salary starts at about $20,410 for the position of a custodian to $77,741 for a top marketing manager. Planet Fitness employees in higher-level management as well as marketing and IT departments are likely to receive significantly higher wages.

In this post, we’ll concentrate on job descriptions and the hourly and salary rates for Planet Fitness’s top advertised jobs.

Planet Fitness store manager’s salary

Managers of stores of Planet Fitness are responsible for providing leadership and supervision of the team members, which allows them to focus on improving member satisfaction. 

Based on the most recent reviews from employees the average base salary for a store manager at Planet Fitness is $42,043 per year..

Planet Fitness front desk salary

The responsibilities of a desk worker include welcoming guests, greeting them as well as delivering and receiving packages and mail, taking calls as well as scheduling meetings. The typical hourly wage for this job will be 11% but rates can vary between $9 and $17 an hour.

Planet Fitness assistant manager salary

Assistant managers report directly to club or store managers and usually assume some of the responsibilities. They also have the responsibility of offering customer service and reviewing employees. 

Assistant managers working at Planet Fitness make approximately $30,319 per annum however this could be different depending on where you are located.

Planet Fitness overnight closer salary

Overnight closing staff in Planet Fitness have many responsibilities such as closing shifts and customer relations. The typical hourly wage of the overnight closer in Planet Fitness is $13 while hourly rates typically vary from $11 to $15.

Planet Fitness personal trainer salary

Trainers who are personnel at Planet Fitness are responsible for aiding customers in the gym, offering them guidelines on how best to utilize the equipment, and creating individualized training programs. Their average hourly pay is $15 for an hour, with rates varying between $9 and $40.

Highest Paying Jobs At Planet Fitness

RankascdescJob TitleascdescAverage Planet Fitness SalaryascdescHourly Rateascdesc
1General Manager$37,481$18.02
2Personal Trainer$32,527$15.64
3Maintenance Technician$30,055$14.45
4Assistant Manager$26,525$12.75
5Fitness Instructor$26,514$12.75
7Associate, Member Services$25,104$12.07
8Team Leader$24,789$11.92
12Fitness Trainer$24,213$11.64
13Shift Leader$24,055$11.56
14Sales Associate$24,055$11.56
16Front Desk Associate$23,931$11.51
17Customer Service Representative$23,900$11.49
19Office Assistant$23,857$11.47
20Front Desk Receptionist$23,743$11.41

How Much Does Planet Fitness Pay Per State?

Similar to how experience and location affect Planet Fitness pay rate, the location of the club can have a lot to do with an employee’s hourly pay too. Let’s look at what the typical Planet Fitness pay for certain jobs in a few US states.

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How much does Planet Fitness pay per hour in Florida?

  • The hourly average wage for the front desk staff at Planet Fitness in Florida is $11.87.
  • Fitness instructors at Planet Fitness in Florida stand to earn $10.53 an hour.
  • Personal trainers working in Florida earn average hourly earnings that are $11.57.

What is the cost of Planet Fitness in Texas?

  • A front desk worker working in Texas will earn an average hourly salary in the range of $10.19.
  • A night-time closer working at Planet Fitness in Texas stands to earn $9.62 per hour..
  • Instructors of fitness at Planet Fitness in Texas have an average hourly wage that is $10.19.

What is the cost of Planet Fitness in California?

  • Fitness instructors at Californian Planet Fitness clubs earn $15.79 per hour..
  • The personal trainers of Planet Fitness in California can earn on average $15.49 per hour..
  • An associate who works as an overnight for Planet Fitness in California stands to earn approximately $12.96 per hour.

It is clear from these pay-averages, Planet Fitness pays its Californian employees more than its workers who work in Texas as well as Florida.

Salaries By Planet Fitness Competitors

RankascdescCompany NameascdescZippia ScoreascdescAverage Salaryascdesc
1Fitness For 103.9$35,898
2Capital Fitness, Inc.3.9$35,817
3Massage Envy4.1$34,728
5Retro Fitness3.4$33,131
6The Alaska Club4.3$32,132
8Work Out West3.8$31,560
9In-Shape Health Clubs3.6$30,448
10FITNESS 194.2$30,442
11World Gym Wantagh3.9$30,416
12VASA Fitness3.8$29,798
13Snap Fitness3.4$29,660
14Anytime Fitness4.3$29,603
15Fitness Connection3.7$28,210
16Latitude Sports Clubs3.7$28,108
17Blink Fitness4.0$27,848
18Gold’s Gym4.3$27,269
19YouFit Health Clubs3.4$27,135
20LA Fitness3.8$26,931

Benefits of Working at Planet Fitness

Let’s take a look at what benefits and perks the majority of Planet Fitness employees can expect.

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  • Health insurance
  • 401(k) retirement plan (available after having worked for Planet Fitness for six months)
  • Paid-time free ( vacations and public holidays)
  • Days off sick
  • Paternity and maternity leave

According to various aspects according to various variables, certain Planet Fitness employees can also be eligible for benefits like dental, vision, and pet insurance.


  • Membership cards for free
  • Employee discounts in-store (starting at 20 20%)

These are the most commonly used benefits, however, based on many variables, flexible working hours and part-time jobs are accessible for employees who are seeking education.

How old do you have to be to work at Planet Fitness?

To be eligible for Planet Fitness’ employee benefits and perks, you have to have at minimum 18 and possess at least a High School diploma or GED.

People of this age typically are offered entry-level positions (such as member-service rep fitness trainer, member-service representative, or custodian).

In Last

How much is Planet Fitness Pay? Like other franchises in the US, this largely is dependent on the location of the club. The bigger the city in which the Planet Fitness club is located is, the more lucrative the fee.

The place of the Planet Fitness club does largely affect the hourly wage however it’s not the primary element. 

The main factors that determine the Planet Fitness employee’s hourly wage are their background, experience, location, and department, as well as whether or not they are working either night or day shifts.

Concerning the perks and benefits Planet Fitness employees can expect they will receive regular benefits (such as health insurance, 401(k), and paid time-off) as well as free membership cards, discounts for employees, and flexible hours of work.

In the end, if you’re thinking about working for Planet Fitness, be sure to look over employee reviews and benefits that are included. In the end, it’s your decision to determine whether the benefits provided at Planet Fitness are acceptable to you.

FAQs – How Much Does Planet Fitness Pay

Does Planet Fitness pay the same in each location?

Planet Fitness adjusts its pay rates according to the location of its headquarters along with local economic conditions. Thus, pay rates may differ across different locations.

Are there opportunities to earn incentives or bonuses in the gym at Planet Fitness?

Yes, Planet Fitness may offer incentives and bonuses based on performance to employees based on their personal and team’s achievements.

How often does Planet Fitness review employee salaries?

Planet Fitness conducts periodic reviews to ensure an equitable and competitive pay. The timeframe for these reviews can differ based on various factors like tenure and position.

Do I have the option of negotiating my salary when I join Planet Fitness? 

While negotiation is possible, Planet Fitness typically follows an organized pay system. It’s worth asking about your credentials and work experience in the interview process.

Does Planet Fitness a good place to begin a profession in the fitness field?

Yes, Planet Fitness offers a welcoming environment for those who are beginning their journey in the fitness field. They offer entry-level positions as well as the potential for advancement and advancement, which makes it an ideal place to start for many young professional.

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