Does Planet Fitness Have Towels?

Do you want to join Planet Fitness, but are wondering “Does Planet Fitness Have Towels?” This comprehensive guide will provide you with the necessary information about the Planet Fitness towel policy. 

It’s important to know the amenities and services provided by your gym, whether you are a fitness fanatic or a novice. We’ll explore Planet Fitness to uncover the truth about their towel policy.

This article will examine the towel policy of Planet Fitness. We will also explore why they chose this approach and offer alternative options to gymgoers who want towels available for their workouts.

Does Planet Fitness Have Towels?

Does Planet Fitness Have Towels?

Planet Fitness does NOT sell towels for use in the shower. No large towels for showers or other toiletries. Some locations do provide small towels for wiping your face or gym equipment. A small towel is not large enough to take a shower.

Bring your essential shower items, like a towel when you visit a nearby Planet Fitness gym that is open 24/7.

Does Planet Fitness have free towels?

Planet Fitness has towels. You can’t use them because they are not free. Instead, you need to buy towels. It’s a bit disappointing but has good reasons for not offering towels.

Planet Fitness does not have a steam or sauna room in the majority of gyms due to their focus on low membership fees. The Planet Fitness black card tier membership ($22.99/month) includes access to tanning as well as a hydromassage machine.

Why Doesn’t Planet Fitness Offer Free Towels?

The gym offers free towels. Planet Fitness, however, has its own reasons for not offering them.

First, it’s because of the added costs. Planet Fitness will need to buy enough towels to cover the use of its members if they allow them to borrow towels. It is important to keep enough towels in stock so that they can provide fresh towels even while the other ones are in the washing machine.

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Another task is to wash all used towels and make sure they are clean and fresh. The cost of bringing it to the laundry shop would be an extra charge. This additional cost will be reflected in the membership fee.

Planet Fitness wants to keep their membership fees as low as possible, so they have decided to not offer towels for free. The main membership is kept as cheap as possible by skipping amenities such as saunas and swimming pools.

Why You Should Bring Your Own Towel To The Gym

Gyms are where people go to work out and sweat. It is common to see people dripping with sweat. This is a very common occurrence, but sweat can also serve as a breeding ground for all kinds of bacteria and fungi.

Imagine all the places and things sweat can end up. You may find it on gym equipment. Germophobics may relate, but they’re not wrong. By using gym equipment, you can spread different bacteria and fungi. To prevent this, you can use your own towel.

Use your towel to cover surfaces that will come into contact with your skin. You will not only avoid getting sick but also spreading the germs. Use your towel to remove sweat from your body and face.

It is better to use your own towel than your hands, which have been on multiple surfaces at the gym. Carrying more than one towel is also a good idea. One small towel can be used when you are sweating, and the other one after your workout.


Bring your own towel to any Planet Fitness gym. They do not supply towels free of cost. This is done to reduce the cost of membership and also for hygienic reasons.

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Bring your own towel to the gym.

FAQs – Does Planet Fitness Have Towels?

Can I use my own towel at Planet Fitness?

Yes. Members are encouraged to bring in their own towels.

Are towel rentals available at all Planet Fitness locations?

Towel rentals are available at some locations. You should check the policies of your local gym.

How much do towel rentals cost at Planet Fitness?

Rental fees for towels may vary. You should ask your gym for their pricing on towel rentals.

Are there any hygiene requirements for towels brought to Planet Fitness?

To maintain hygiene standards, it is important that towels are clean and only used for personal use.

Can I use the massage chairs and tanning beds at Planet Fitness with a basic membership?

Massage chairs and tanning bed access is only available with a Black Card membership.

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