Does Planet Fitness Have Tanning Beds?

Do you want to join Planet Fitness but are wondering if there are tanning beds available? This article will explore the question “Does Planet Fitness Have Tanning Beds?” 

We will provide all the necessary information. We’ve got all the information you need, whether you want to get a sun-kissed tan or are curious about what Planet Fitness has to offer. 

does planet fitness have tanning beds

We’ll explore the tanning beds available at Planet Fitness, their benefits, and other options to achieve a tan. We will help you to make an informed choice as we reveal the details. Discover the tanning world at Planet Fitness.

Does Planet Fitness Have Tanning Beds?

Planet Fitness offers tanning services and facilities for those who want to get a sun-kissed tan. Indoor tanning allows you to achieve a bronzed look without worrying about harmful UV rays.

You can book a tanning appointment with any of the many Planet Fitness locations across the country. Planet Fitness provides a range of tanning options to its members. These include traditional tanning beds and stand-up booths.

If you want to get a tan all over in one session, traditional tanning beds will be a great option. A tan booth can be used to target specific areas more precisely.

Both tanning beds are equipped with UV bulbs, which provide a healthy and even tan. Planet Fitness staff will help you select the right option for your needs.

The black card membership does not charge extra for tanning services at Planet Fitness. You can now get the perfect tan, without having to break the bank. You can achieve the perfect golden color in no time with our state-of-the-art equipment and staff.

How to use PF Tanning Bed: a Step-by-Step Guide

You’ve decided to visit Planet Fitness to get a tan. What are your next steps? The staff at Planet Fitness is sure to give you a briefing for beginners and will set up a timer (so that you don’t spend too much time in the tanning beds). We’ll go over all the steps to make sure you are prepared for any surprises.

  1. Keep all items that are not necessary in the changing rooms and only bring tanning lotion if you plan to use a tanning bed.
  2. Apply the lotion gently, but not too much. You may not think that lotion is enough because it dries so quickly.
  3. Wear eye protection such as eye goggles.
  4. You are now ready to enter the tanning bed. Spread your arms and legs apart slightly, but do not press them against each other. You can get a tan that is even by doing this.
  5. Turn over to your stomach in the middle of your session so that you can also tan your back. To make it more comfortable, you can put your arms under your chin and bend them.
  6. Try to turn on your side. Spend 30 seconds on one side and the same time on the opposite side. You will get a tan that is even on both sides.
  7. Always keep paper towels near the tanning beds and clean them after you.

How Much Is A Tanning Session At Planet Fitness?

A Black Card is required for anyone who wishes to use the tanning services available for Planet Fitness Members. The Black Card entitles its holder to unlimited sessions in any facility. A monthly fee of $23 is charged for the Black Card.

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Membership includes access to other services provided by the Planet Fitness Group, including fitness classes, sports equipment, and personal training. The solarium is included in the subscription, so the participant doesn’t have to pay any extra.

Why You Should Tan At Planet Fitness

Planet Fitness is the best tanning salon if you want to achieve that beautiful bronze color. They use UV, infrared, and multiple levels of light to give you the best tanning experience.

Stand-up booths are more effective than conventional beds at distributing light. Planet Fitness uses UVB rays, which is why it’s the best place to tan.

Beds are equipped with both UV and infrared lights. You can control how much exposure to the sun you receive. It is particularly beneficial to those who are tanning for the first time. It helps prevent UV radiation overexposure.

Planet Fitness ensures that its tanning beds receive regular maintenance to provide you with the most enjoyable and safe experience.

What Are The Tanning Machines At Planet Fitness?

Does Planet Fitness Have Tanning Beds?

Depending on the branch, Planet Fitness offers different tanning machines for Black Card members. You may encounter traditional lay-down tanning beds, upright tanning booths, or spray tan booths. Each type offers its own unique benefits and features.

Lay-Down tanning beds

You can relax in these tanning beds and lie down as you absorb the UV rays. This will give your skin a sun-kissed look. The pressure points between the skin and the glass can cause tanning lines. Repositioning your body during the session will help you avoid this.

Stand-Up Tan Booths

Some people prefer the spaciousness of stand-up booths, as it allows them to move more easily during a tanning session. These booths have a higher radiation intensity, which results in a shorter session time. These booths are equipped with reflectors to promote a uniform tan.

Standing tanning booths have a better hygienic rating because you’re not lying on the same surface of glass as other users. You won’t get the same level of relaxation that you would with a lie-down tanning booth.

Spray Tan Booths

Spray tans are a healthier option for tanning beds. They provide an instant golden glow, without any risk of damaging the skin. The results usually last about a week. Spray tans can cause streaks or cracks in certain areas, such as the fingers, feet, knees, elbows, and wrists.

Tanning Bed Levels

The majority of tanning beds in Planet Fitness are at level 2, which provides a moderate tanning session. These machines are safer than level 6, high-power mixed-bulb bronzing tanning beds and can be used by those who want a gradual tan.

Planet Fitness Tanning Rules

The use of tanning beds by Planet Fitness is not subject to any complex rules.

Here are some guidelines you should follow:

  • Tan beds are only available to adults, those 18 years and older.
  • Planet Fitness Black Card is required to use tanning studios. The $10 plants will not allow you to use tanning facilities.
  • When there is a gym staff member present, use the machine.
  • You can’t enter a tanning bed if you don’t have goggles. Don’t forget that sunglasses alone are not sufficient.
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These were the general rules. Check out your club’s rules and policies regarding tanning beds.

Should I Tan Before or After Working Out At Planet Fitness?

There is no rule that says you have to tan either before or after exercising. Both may have different effects. Some people find that a few minutes on the tanning bed can help them warm up before a workout. Most people don’t experience this.

In most cases, tanning will make you feel tired or relaxed. This can have a significant impact on your performance during workouts. If you can, you can feel more relaxed and recover faster.

It’s better to tan afterward than before, but there are no hard and fast rules.

Tips On How To Tan At Planet Fitness

Planet Fitness has a few tips that will help you achieve your desired tan. You can use them to stay safe and achieve the results you desire:

  • You should check if you have any contraindications to using a tanning bed.
  • Shower before visiting a solarium. This is especially important if you are going there after working out.
  • You should consider how you feel when tanning in order to decide the length of time that you spend in the booth.
  • Set a timer for 6 to 7 minutes, so your skin doesn’t get burned if you relax too much.
  • Remove all unnecessary items, such as jewelry, shoes, and clothing, to ensure a uniform tan.
  • After your session, moisturize your skin so it doesn’t get too dry.
  • To avoid eye damage, wear special sunglasses that shield your eyes from harmful rays.

You should be aware that if you have a skin pigmentation tendency, melanoma or cancer, cardiovascular problems, an excess of moles, and other diseases, it’s not recommended to use a tanning bed. Solariums are not recommended for women who are pregnant, or on their period.

Planet Fitness Tanning Dress Code

Wear comfortable, light clothing that can be quickly removed and replaced before entering the solarium. It is best to tan in your underwear or stay in them.

You will get a beautiful tan if you go naked. Underwear or a bathing suit is also advisable, as it protects the most sensitive parts of your skin from UV rays.

Planet Fitness Tanning Benefits & Dangers

There are many benefits to tanning at Planet Fitness. If you want to do both sports and tan, there is no need to travel to different locations. Everything can be done in one location. There are also some disadvantages. Compare them using our list of dangers and benefits.

  • You can tan at Planet Fitness any time, day or night. Winter or summer. You can maintain your tan all year long.
  • After working out, it’s convenient to go tanning.
  • The tanning beds are very easy to use. However, if you have any questions, our staff is always happy to help.
  • You do not need to book a session ahead of time.
  • The tanning salon at Planet Fitness is not very good with hygiene. Not everyone is following the rules for cleaning up after themselves. Always check the sunbeds before entering.
  • The excessive use of UV rays may cause skin cancers or rashes.
  • You can still have skin burns, or even allergic reactions if you have a light and sensitive complexion.
  • A tanning bed is not a good idea if you have very dry skin. It will only make it worse. Over-drying skin is more susceptible to wrinkles, and other cosmetic conditions.
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You don’t have to worry if you are not a fan of PF tanning. We offer alternativesTanning Lamps will become your favorite because they can be used at home. You won’t have to worry about hygiene.

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Alternatives to Tanning Beds at Planet Fitness

There are alternatives for those who do not want to use tanning beds or prefer to visit a Planet Fitness location that does not offer tanning services.

  1. Sunless Tanning: Planet Fitness offers sunless options such as spray tanning. This provides a tan with no UV exposure.
  2. Self-Tanning Product: Members can try out the various self-tanning lotions, sprays, and mousses available in the market to get a tan.
  3. Outdoor tanning: If the weather allows, members may choose to use natural tanning techniques by exposing themselves safely to the sun’s rays while wearing appropriate SPF protection.


Planet Fitness can give you a gorgeous tan and add to your fitness regimen. You should, however, not go overboard with this process. Before tanning, always wear eye protection. 

Keep your tanning bed as clean as possible to prevent skin disease. Plan your sunbathing hours so you don’t burn your skin. Also, moisturize your body with lotion before you go out to avoid drying it.

FAQs – Does Planet Fitness Have Tanning Beds?

Are tanning beds available at all Planet Fitness gyms?

There are no tanning beds in all Planet Fitness gyms. The availability of tanning beds varies by location.

How much does it cost to use the tanning beds at Planet Fitness?

Costs for tanning beds may vary depending on your membership package and gym location. Ask the gym staff directly.

Are there any age restrictions for using the tanning beds at Planet Fitness?

Planet Fitness might have age restrictions on using tanning beds. You should check with gym management about their age restrictions.

Can I tan at Planet Fitness without being a member?

Planet Fitness’ tanning services are usually only available to members. Non-members will need to look into alternative tanning options.

What are the risks associated with tanning beds?

Tanning beds expose skin to UV radiation which increases the risk of skin damage and cancer. When tanning, it’s important to adhere to safety guidelines and take protective measures.

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