Does Planet Fitness Have Showers

Does Planet Fitness Have Showers – If you’re a gym-goer and know the importance it is to ensure an excellent hygiene level after exercising. This is where showers at the gym can be useful. 

But what is it about Planet Fitness? It is a well-known gym chain with more than 200 locations in the United States, you may be thinking, “Does Planet Fitness have showers?”

Yes! Actually, Planet Fitness offers clean and well-maintained shower facilities for their customers to use after their exercise. 

We’ll take you on a more in-depth look at the shower facilities that are available in Planet Fitness and answer some frequently asked questions regarding their usage. 

Does Planet Fitness Have Showers

If you’re curious regarding the facilities for showers offered at Planet Fitness, keep reading to find out more.

Does Planet Fitness Have Showers?

Sure, Planet Fitness has showers.

Although they’re not luxurious, however, each Planet Fitness does indeed have several clean showers that have privacy curtains to utilize after your workout.

However, they don’t provide towels for showers, and the tiny towels they supply to wash down the machines and face won’t suffice.

Keep an extra towel within your fitness bag, if you are planning to use the bathroom on the floor at Planet Fitness. Also, you’ll need to take your own bathroom amenities including a travel-size bar of soap, or body wash.

Planet Fitness Locker Policy

Planet Fitness provides single-use lockers that members can make use of during their workouts.

When you sign-up for Planet Fitness, you agree to sign and acknowledge the policy for lockers (whether you have read the whole policy at the time of sign-up or not).

Be aware that lockers are not designed to be used continuously, and you’ll have to supply locks of your own.

Planet Fitness enforces its policy regarding lockers that are only used once.

If they observe a member who is using a locker without the lock when they are not exercising for a few days, staff will remove the lock.

Here’s the Planet Fitness lock policy in full:

  1. Lockers are available to keep your personal belongings.
  2. Bring your padlock.
  3. Even if your possessions secured and secured, damage or theft to your property is possible.
  4. A supervisor is entitled to unlock your locker in the event of an excuse to believe you are using the locker to store other things than your clothing or gym equipment.
  5. If you store your possessions in a locker for the night the management can cut the lock and claim your possessions as property that is lost.
  6. Be sure to keep an eye on your belongings.
  7. If your belongings are damaged or stolen, Planet Fitness will not take responsibility for the items you have.
  8. You are responsible to ensure that your personal possessions are protected by insurance.
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Does Planet Fitness provide soap or shampoo?

Planet Fitness does NOT offer shampoo or soap in the shower areas.

The members are required to take their own soaps shampoo as well as body soap.

Also, remember to bring your toiletries before you depart!

Does Planet Fitness provide towels for the shower area?

Planet Fitness does not provide towels for their shower areas.

The guests and members of the group are expected to supply towels for themselves.

Certain Planet Fitness locations do have towels available for purchase in the event that you lose yours, however, for those who want to be protected, you must have your own!

Planet Fitness Dress Code

Planet Fitness aims to be as inclusive as possible thus the dress code remains informal. However, they will request guests to wear proper shoes to avoid injury.

Also, they do not allow footwear for work as they may cause damage to the machine. They could also make a comment when they spot someone in a sexy outfit.

While they might not speak to you but it’s polite to wear clothing from competitors.

Tips For Using The Lockers And Showers At Planet Fitness

You ought to feel comfortable in the showers in the fitness center.

Planet Fitness provides them for reasons.

However, you must utilize them in a way that you adhere to the rules of fitness and remain fit.

1. Keep The Code To Your Lock In Your Car

It’s easy to forget the password for your lock, especially in the event that you don’t utilize it often. The code can be stored on your phone, however, you’ll probably find it in the locker whenever you shower.

Instead, store the number in your car to ensure that you don’t fail to remember it the next time you’re required to retrieve the items you have stored in your locker.

2. Condense Into a Small Bag

Place your belongings in a compact bag that fits in the lockers. You’ll not be able access to lockers if cannot fit your things in the lockers.

The size of the lockers can vary at every location.

3. Keep Valuables At Home

We can’t imagine getting rid of our wedding rings, not even in the fitness center. In reality, you need to consider not leaving the device at your home.

When something occurs, for example, the ring falling into the drain or being taken away, Planet Fitness does not take any responsibility.

You’ll need to deal with the situation using an insurance policy of your own.

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4. Wear Shower Shoes

Showers are the ideal conditions for the condition commonly referred to by the name of “athlete’s foot.”

The term “athlete’s foot” refers to an infection caused by fungal bacteria which causes severe itchiness and pain.

Wear flip-flops for showers in the fitness center, just like wearing flip-flops when you shower in a shower at your dorm.

5. Cool Down First

It’s recommended that you let yourself cool down before you jump into the shower.

In other cases, the shower could cause your body temperature to remain excessively high and cause shock when you experience cold temperatures.

6. Be Quick

Other people might require a shower as well, so make sure to limit your showering duration to a minimal amount. You don’t have for shampooing your hair or shave.

Instead, wash off and then get rid of the tub.

7. Use Warm Water

Both cold and hot water have advantages. Hot water relaxes muscles, while cold water helps reduce inflammation. But hot water can dry out the skin while cold water can cause shocks to the system.

Stick with a mix that is cool and refreshing. Alternately, you could alternate between cold and hot.

Shower Rules at Planet Fitness

Planet Fitness prides itself on providing a non-judgment fitness facility that is a place to exercise with respect and politeness. They also offer lockers for day use and private single-stall showers, with hot water that is available to everyone who joins.

Since each of the Planet Fitness locations are franchises and franchise, there are no specific rules for certain aspects of their operations. However, there are some general guidelines and best practices to know about.

If you are able to, locate the official signage that outlines the specific locker room rules.

In general, there are some things to keep in mind:

  • Showers and lockers are available to everyone at risk.
  • Locks are highly recommended and you need to have a lock in your locker in case you need to keep your items.
  • There’s no limit to the length of your shower, however, be considerate of your gym buddies and limit your shower to the minimum, particularly during hectic times such as the morning.
  • Mobile phones in the locker room and changing rooms are strictly prohibited.
  • Limit your nakedness (their term) to the minimal. Naturally, that’s what a locker room is designed for but you shouldn’t be required to have conversations or walk around in bare. In the locker room take care of what you need to accomplish, and then go out.

Are Showers Included in Planet Fitness Membership?

In the case of benefits of having a gym membership shower facilities can make a difference. You may be asking, “Are showers included in Planet Fitness membership?” 

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The answer is yes! Planet Fitness understands the importance of cleanliness after workouts and offers bathrooms as a part of the membership. 

No matter if you select their standard membership, or opt for an additional Black Card membership with additional benefits, you will take advantage of their well-maintained and clean shower facilities. 

Therefore, you can be sure that once you’ve become a Planet Fitness member, access to showers is provided and will allow you to refresh after a successful workout session.

Other Amenities at Planet Fitness

Planet Fitness has 2 membership categories:

  1. Classic membership
  2. PF Black Card membership, which comes with a host of other advantages

Classic Membership Benefits

The traditional membership consists of:

  • Access to your club’s home as well as all equipment
  • Training for fitness
  • Fitness classes
  • Access to the locker room
  • Shower use
  • Free Wi-Fi

Price: It’s a very low monthly cost of $10.

PF Black Card Benefits

The PF Black card comes with all the benefits offered by the traditional membership, in addition to:

  • Ability to invite an individual friend at any time
  • The use of tanning facilities
  • Massage chairs can be used
  • The use of hydromassage

Final Words

One of the most inexpensive gyms, Planet Fitness won’t offer anything. However, it has numerous facilities as well as a wide range of cardio machines as well as various resistance equipment for training.

The facilities, such as decent hot and cold water showers, hydromassage seats, and sun beds in Planet Fitness make your gym experience more enjoyable. 

For those who are unable to make time for a workout when they are commuting to the workplace shower facilities are an absolute blessing, allowing people to work out regularly.

FAQs – Does Planet Fitness Have Showers

Are showers included in Planet Fitness membership?

Yes, showers are included in both the standard or Black Card memberships at Planet Fitness.

Can non-members use the showers at Planet Fitness?

No Only members who have access to locker rooms are able to use the showers located at Planet Fitness.

What amenities are offered at Planet Fitness showers?

The amenities that are available in Planet Fitness showers may include shampoo conditioner towels, body wash along with hair dryers.

What is the etiquette for using showers at Planet Fitness?

Basic shower protocol for Planet Fitness includes bringing your personal bathroom amenities, keeping the time you spend at the bathroom, cleaning your mess, and being conscious of the noise levels.

Are Planet Fitness shower facilities clean?

Yes, Planet Fitness is very careful in ensuring that showers are spotless and well-maintained.

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