Does Planet Fitness Have Scales?

You might have been curious about the amenities and equipment available if you recently joined Planet Fitness or are thinking about joining. The question “Does Planet Fitness Have Scales?” is one that frequently comes up.

Weight tracking is essential to many fitness journeys because it enables people to set objectives, track their progress, and change their routines as needed.

We’ll go into the subject of Planet Fitness scales in this post and look at some different ways to keep track of your weight. Understanding the weight tracking choices accessible to you is crucial whether you’re trying for weight loss, muscle gain, or simply to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Does Planet Fitness Have Scales?

So let’s get started and learn the truth about Planet Fitness scales and the most effective ways to keep track of your weight.

Does Planet Fitness Have Scales?

Most Planet Fitness gyms are not equipped with a scale. The chain has made it a judgment-free zone to allow all members to work out together in comfort.

The staff and management at PF believe that a scale could disrupt the environment and cause discomfort to some members. People may feel discouraged if they don’t get the desired results from the scale. Planet Fitness has no weight scales in its facilities for this reason.

It is not always true. While Planet Fitness has a policy that no scales are allowed inside the chain, individual franchises may have them in their locker rooms and outside of bathrooms/showers.

Planet Fitness is a franchise. Different gyms may have different policies, depending on the management. You will find weight scales in gyms that allow them. If a scale is essential to your fitness journey, you should contact your gym in advance to see if it has one.

Why Did Planet Fitness Remove Scales?

Planet Fitness is an international fitness chain that has a set of strict rules and ideologies. It is aimed at casual exercisers, who don’t want fitness to be the focus of their life. They make every effort to appease a large crowd.

They removed weight scales inside their gyms. Planet Fitness’ management cites a variety of reasons for not allowing weighing scales in its gyms. The public does not accept all of these arguments as valid.

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These are the top reasons that Planet Fitness has chosen to remove scales from its gyms.

Brand Image

Planet Fitness is a brand with a specific message: it’s the ideal place for beginners to start their fitness journey and work out without feeling intimidated. It is also a place where beginners can feel safe.

Their brand messaging alone is not sufficient. Planet Fitness needed to take drastic measures in order to create a truly judgment-free environment. Planet Fitness took a number of drastic measures to ensure that it was a judgment-free zone.

Although a scale is an essential tool for measuring fitness progress, it can also cause negative body image and discourage some members who don’t see the results they want.

Planet Fitness promotes body positivity. Weighing scales may lead to negative self-talk and judgment from other members.

The chain has decided to remove the weight scales entirely in order to maintain its brand. Planet Fitness can now confidently claim to be a judgment-free zone.

Discourages Newbies

When used correctly, a scale can be an excellent tool. If you rely too much on a weight scale, it can be disastrous.

Beginners (which are the majority of Planet Fitness members) often place great emphasis on these scales. They lose motivation and get off track when they don’t achieve the results they expect.

This is particularly true for newbies, who may expect drastic changes within the first few weeks or days of joining a gym.

Over-reliance on weight scales can severely damage motivation for exercise and fitness. It’s also not productive to use a weight scale more than is recommended. You won’t get accurate results.

Planet Fitness thought it best to remove the scales from all of its gyms in order to prevent this culture.

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Results take time

It will take months for you to see any noticeable changes in your body when you first start exercising. If you’re looking to gain or lose weight, the same rules apply.

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Beginners tend to weigh themselves almost daily after exercising, hoping to notice some changes. They can become discouraged and demotivated when they do not see any results.

It could be prematurely ending their gym time. To impart the message that results are not immediate when you’re just starting out with exercise, Planet Fitness decided to remove all scales.

Why Scales Are Important

They can confirm or disprove your initial suspicions, and help you make necessary changes. These are essential when building a successful diet that will accompany your training program.

When putting together a diet plan, the first thing you should consider is how many calories a person needs. This information is directly related to their body weight. You will be left to guesswork if you don’t have this information.

How To Track Progress Correctly Using A Weight Scale

You should use a weight scale to monitor your progress. Here are some tips on how to do it right:

Weight yourself at the Same Time Everyday

The weight of your body can change dramatically depending on the food you eat, how active you are, and whether you went to the toilet or not. You can weigh up to 3-5 pounds more in the evening than you did in the morning.

Weighting yourself every day at the same time is the best way to minimize the variations in your data. It is best to weigh yourself in the morning after you’ve used the bathroom. You can do this at the gym, before/after working out.

Take a Weekly Average

There will be variations in weight even if you weigh yourself every day at the same time. This is due to many factors. Take a weekly weight average to further reduce noise or variation in your tracking of body weight.

You can eliminate some outliers over the course of seven days.

Changes based on the Trend

After you start tracking your weight, you can make adjustments to your training or diet based on the goals you set. If you see that your weight hasn’t changed in two weeks, you may want to make changes.

Check back after 2 weeks if you wish to gain weight. If you are looking to lose weight, either reduce your daily calories by 100-300kcal or increase cardio. Check back in 2 weeks to see what’s happening.

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It is important that you do not make rash decisions because of daily weight fluctuations. When you make changes, keep in mind even small changes can have a big impact.

What Equipment Does Planet Fitness Have?

You may wonder what else they might be missing if Planet Fitness is lacking something so basic as weight scales.

Squat Racks

Planet Fitness does NOT have squat stands. They tend to have more machines in their gyms so it’s easier for beginners. Planet Fitness believes that a large squat stand can be intimidating to new members.


Planet Fitness has dumbbells, but only up to 80 pounds. It’s fine for beginners, but intermediate lifters need more than 80 pounds for rows, presses, and squats.

Rowing Machines

Planet Fitness carries rowing machines. One of their best areas is in cardio equipment.

Final Words

Planet Fitness has received criticism for removing weight scales in its gyms, despite providing many reasons to justify its decision.

People understood that the gym chain should focus on creating a judgment-free environment, but they also believed that a weight scale was an essential tool and that they should be able to use it if needed.

Some Planet Fitness gyms provide scales outside or in the locker rooms of their facilities. If you’re lucky, you may be able to use one.

FAQs – Does Planet Fitness Have Scales?

Are the scales at Planet Fitness accurate?

Planet Fitness strives to provide accurate weight scales for its members. It’s important to remember that scale calibration, as well as personal body fluctuations, can cause slight differences in weight measurements.

Can I track weight with the Planet Fitness App?

No, this app is primarily designed to track workouts and has limited features for weight tracking. For more detailed weight tracking, it is best to use dedicated fitness apps.

Are personal scales accurate?

Personal scales are accurate, but you must choose a scale of high quality from a reliable brand. Accurate weight tracking is possible by ensuring proper calibration and using consistent measurement techniques.