Does Planet Fitness Have Personal Trainers?

If you’re thinking of signing up with Planet Fitness or are already a member, you’re probably asking, “Does Planet Fitness Have Personal Trainers?” 

Personal training is an excellent resource for those who want to increase their fitness level, receive individualized advice, and remain motivated to continue their fitness path. 

In this article, we’ll examine the availability of personal fitness trainers in Planet Fitness locations, and provide insight into the different elements of training for personnel in Planet Fitness.

Does Planet Fitness Have Personal Trainers?

Let’s take a look at the possibilities of training with a personal trainer with Planet Fitness and discover how it can help improve the quality of your workout.

Does Planet Fitness Have Personal Trainers?

Yes, you can have those trainers who are employed for you by Planet Fitness themselves train you in a small group. We have established there is no charge for a personal trainer with Planet Fitness. You can seek assistance at any time you’d want without any obligation.

These trainers run classes for groups all day long at Planet Fitness so feel free to join in these groups. You can join these training sessions in groups by either visiting the front desk or Gym by using the Planet Fitness mobile app.

The trainers contracted for Planet Fitness themselves and they run as many as 11-14 groups of training each day. Planet Fitness members Planet Fitness will have unlimited access to these training sessions.

One-on-One Training At Planet Fitness

While Planet Fitness offers customized training programs for members, they don’t provide one-on-one personal training. They can help in the creation of your training plan but it’s still your responsibility to implement it.

The personal trainers from Planet Fitness won’t be by you all the time you’re working through your training program.

The Personal Trainers from Planet Fitness control classes. Each class is comprised of several participants. Furthermore, PF does not allow the use of your personal trainer. But, you can definitely talk to your private trainer outside Planet Fitness.

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How does the personal trainer at Planet Fitness work?

Personal trainers of Planet Fitness usually conduct group sessions and not individual consultations in and of themselves. They offer various kinds of classes. Some of them follow:

  • Orientation: In these classes, instructors will instruct the group on how to use and program equipment. This is a fantastic course for those who are new or looking to improve their skills in how to use the equipment properly.
  • Express training for 30 mins: In this class, the instructor will guide your group through 30 minutes of full-body exercise. The class is a mix of cardio and strength.
  • Classes like “legs and shoulders” back and triceps core’ as well as the biceps and chest are also run by trainers in order to achieve certain body objectives.
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Cost of a personal trainer at Planet Fitness

There is no extra fee for a personal trainer with Planet Fitness. Yes, you read it right. In contrast to other gyms employing a personal trainer is likely to be an expensive cost At Planet Fitness you do not have to shell out an additional cent to hire personal trainers.

You must be thinking about the significance of this cache, isn’t it? First of all, there’s no such thing as a “personal trainer on the roster at Planet Fitness. 

When we think of a “personal trainer’, it is typically imagined as someone who could give us one-on-one advice and help in our training. That’s what a Personal Trainer provides. They assist you in understanding how to use the equipment to maximize your results.

We said that there’s no such thing as “personal trainers” in Planet Fitness, we simply meant that the trainers at Planet Fitness do not cater to one-on-one assistance however, they can offer similar assistance in a larger setting. 

You still have all the benefits you typically get from a trainer who is specialized at Planet Fitness, the only difference is that it will take place in a group context.

A personal trainer can aid you in understanding the gym more efficiently and help you learn how to use the equipment, or which is best suited to your needs. They will also help you create your exercise program based on the goals you’d like to attain.

Does Planet Fitness Have Online Personal Training?

Planet Fitness does not have online personal training. However, it is possible to download an app called the Planet Fitness app and select from the countless workout videos through the app.

This will allow you to exercise at home and at your own pace while you gain knowledge from various exercises. Planet Fitness offers these options to its members in order to keep them fit regardless of where they live.

You can’t get online personal training classes on Planet Fitness because of their decision to eliminate one-on-one instruction.

However should you not mind doing these kinds of workouts or a small amount of personal training, this will be a good option for you. The instructors are certified and will assist you in achieving your fitness goals within a matter of minutes throughout this journey.

Planet Fitness Personal Trainer Cancellation & Refunds

Personal training sessions with a group are included as part of the membership. If you decide not to attend the fitness sessions for any reason, you are able to put them off. Instead, you could choose to take advantage of other services offered by Planet Fitness offers to its members.

The process for canceling will differ for the different locations at Planet Fitness. 

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It is ideal to call the gym prior to your visit and inquire about how you can request cancellation. The staff will assist you on how to cancel your membership.

Types of classes offered by Planet Fitness trainers

does planet fitness have personal trainers

The sessions offered by planet fitness differ by area, they usually offer three types of classes that are specialized and taught by trainers of planet fitness across all branches:

One muscle group

Similar to ones held at Gold’s Gym in Venice, CA in the 1970s permits participants to concentrate entirely on one muscle group.

A minimum of three or four workouts are typically picked for the workout and are performed at a moderate pace.

There are sessions devoted to the back, arms muscles, shoulders, legs, and abdominals. Each week, you can attend three times. participating in a group exercise is focusing on a particular muscle group during a specific day and allowing muscles to take a break. 

Circuit training

Circuit training is the practice of hitting certain equipment for a specific duration of time. The red light and green light are used to measure the duration. You exercise using the green light and then relax in the light of red. It doesn’t require a fitness instructor for this program.

Since the short sessions permit leg presses, leg raises as well as biceps curls, triceps extensions, ab crunches and many other exercises circuit training can provide an extensive body workout without the need for a fitness trainer from Planet Fitness.

Due to the short durations and low intensity due to the short duration and moderate intensity, the circuit exercise can be described as more of a cardio-based workout instead of a muscle-building exercise however, it’s probably fine for most people.

Design Your Own Program

The name is enough to describe. Planet Fitness trainers are the best. Planet Fitness trainers can assist you in establishing a program to assist you in achieving your goals.

The training will not be demanding or in violation of Planet Fitness training standards. That’s why you shouldn’t create a program for powerlifters or bodybuilders.

The advantage of working with an on-staff trainer is that it offers an advantage because they create a plan for you to adhere to for the days and times you’re not working on your own. If you are a newbie looking to get some results, a bit of guidance by a personal trainer will go quite a ways.

Many people prefer personal training one-on-one as opposed to group-based training. Smaller groups of fitness trainers are frequently preferred over individual training.

Tips for Finding the Right Planet Fitness Personal Trainer

Finding the perfect personal trainer is vital to reaching your fitness goals. Here are some suggestions to help you find the ideal Planet Fitness personal trainer for you.

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Research Trainers in Your Area

Spend some time researching the personal trainers you have in your region. Examine their qualifications, experience reviews, and qualifications to gain a better understanding of the services they provide. Contact the gym directly for questions regarding the trainers.

Ask About Their Qualifications

Be sure the instructor you select is licensed and has the relevant expertise. Find out about their credentials and any other certificates they may possess. This will help you decide whether they’re a good person for you.

Get Referrals From Friends and Family

If you know someone that been with the Planet Fitness personal trainer, get their recommendation. This will provide you with a better understanding of what you can expect and aid you in finding an instructor who is a good one for you.

Schedule an Initial Consultation

Once you’ve identified several potential trainers, arrange a first meeting with each. This gives you the opportunity to meet the instructor as well as discuss the goals you’re looking to achieve in person. It will also allow you to assess if the instructor is a good person for you.

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FAQs – Does Planet Fitness Have Personal Trainers?

What is personal training at Planet Fitness?

Training with a personal trainer with Planet Fitness involves working one-on-one with a professional trainer who can create an individual workout program according to your particular goals for fitness and your needs.

How much does personal training at Planet Fitness cost?

The price of personal training offered at Planet Fitness may vary depending on the location you are in and the particular package you select. It is recommended to call the neighborhood Planet Fitness gym for pricing details.

Are the personal trainers at Planet Fitness certified?

All personal trainers working at Planet Fitness are certified by recognized organizations like NASM, ACE, and ISSA.

What kind of training programs do personal trainers at Planet Fitness offer?

Personal trainers from Planet Fitness can create customized workout plans that include cardio, strength training, and stretching exercises. They also offer nutrition education and coaching.

Can I try personal training at Planet Fitness before committing to a package?

Yes, a lot of Planet Fitness locations offer a complimentary initial consultation with a private trainer. This is a fantastic way to test the quality of the offerings and figure out whether personal training is the best option for you.

Wrapping up

Therefore, whatever you are worried about, Planet Fitness trainers will certainly have a group that you can take part in. 

If you are able to avail a personal trainer from Planet Fitness with the same membership, you must take a look and test it for yourself. What is the likelihood that working out in a group could prove to be more enjoyable for you?

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