Does Planet Fitness Have Free Weights

Are you thinking of taking a membership at Planet Fitness but wondering if they provide free weights? In this complete guide, we’ll dive into the matter of “Does Planet Fitness Have Free Weights?” 

If you’re a keen fitness fan or are just beginning the path to fitness, knowing the importance and availability of free-weight equipment is essential. We’ll explore Planet Fitness’s facilities and equipment options, and then examine them in comparison to other gyms. 

Learn about the advantages of incorporating free weights in your workouts and the limitations you could face when you join Planet Fitness. 

Does Planet Fitness Have Free Weights

In addition, we offer alternatives to those who want an environment that offers more free weights alternatives. Let’s determine whether Planet Fitness is the right option for your needs with weightlifting!

Does Planet Fitness Have Free Weights

Planet Fitness has a rack of dumbbells that can be used for free weights. However, they don’t have a rack with power. For those who prefer to perform squats or bench presses using heavier weights, Planet Fitness will not be the best gym for you.

In lieu of these no-cost weights, Planet Fitness does offer the possibility of using Smith Machines. Smith Machine.

For some using the Smith machine can be an adequate replacement however, for some there are certain muscles that do not get enough workouts with this Smith Machine.

In general, the dumbbells in the majority of Planet Fitness locations are going to be able to handle up to 50 pounds. It’s enough for you to get decent arm exercise without using the barbell or the more heavy weights.

In the end, based on what you want to accomplish at the fitness center this is an important aspect to take into consideration.

What Free Weights Does Planet Fitness Have?

Planet Fitness has a myriad of clean machines, such as treadmills, stair-lifters as well as ellipticals and bikes. The cardio area is equipped with every kind of fitness equipment you can think of.

Planet Fitness boasts a wide range of sought-after resistance-based equipment, including the ab machine, pec dec chest presses, bicep curlers, leg press machines, smith machines, and more.

The only sector where Planet Fitness is slightly shy is the free-weights section.

In general, the majority of Planet Fitness branches will contain free weights, which are mostly dumbbells and bars. The barbells begin at around 10 pounds, and they will end up at between 50 and 75 pounds, based on the gym’s location and policy.

Dumbbells, on the other hand, begin at 2.5 pounds and go up to 75 pounds.

Lifters who have experienced would be dismayed to find out that PF branches don’t contain free weights greater than 75 lbs. They also do not have standard bench presses for lifting heavy barbells. There is no squat rack not insignificant.

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Is Planet Fitness Good for Weight Lifting?

Planet Fitness is good for lifting weights for a selected few, mostly beginners who are building strength in the foundations and learning those “Big Five” lifts, and building muscle mass in the early days of learning.

However, for those with prior training experiences, PF can feel nothing other than disappointing. The gym’s space of 20,000 square feet is filled with lines of ellipticals, treadmills, recumbent bicycles, and occasionally a cross-trainer, making it ideal for cardio enthusiasts.

The remaining third feels like a mess of resistance equipment:

  • dumbbells (in 5-pound intervals, up to 80 lbs)
  • Barbells fixed (in 10-pound increments, all the way to 60 lbs)
  • Benchs that can be adjusted
  • Smith machines
  • Basic resistance-training machines
  • Machines for cable/pulley
  • TRX units
  • And much more (depending on the PF club you have)
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Bowflex SelectTech 552 Version 2

The weight of each dumbbell varies between 5 and 52.5 pounds. Quickly change from one exercise into the following. You don’t need multiple dumbbells cluttering up your home gym.

A few tried-and-true gym enthusiasts might even say that the topPlanet Fitness isn’t as good as the sluggish Gold’s Gym — at most for those who want to gain weight.

How Heavy Are the Free Weights at Planet Fitness?

Planet Fitness mainly markets itself as a non-judgment zone for novices and those looking to get started on their bodybuilding journey. Therefore, they don’t supply large free weights in order to minimize the possibility of injury.

At every Planet Fitness branch, you will find dumbbells and barbells that can go up to 75 pounds. In certain areas, the weights are only 50 pounds.

To find out the specific equipment available at a particular Planet Fitness branch, we recommend calling the branch directly and inquiring about their equipment.

Why Does Planet Fitness Have No Free Weights But Only Machines?

The reason for this is that Planet Fitness does not have weights that are heavy due to safety issues.

PF branches are mostly packed with people who are looking to begin their fitness journey in a safe, non-judgmental space. using weight machines is safer for them because they will not make mistakes in their fitness routine and inflict any injury during the process.

In addition, novices can utilize weight machines according to their abilities without any help from instructors.

The same benefits that come with training with a machine can be enjoyed by weightlifters who have experience. Sure 75 pounds of weight free may be too heavy for them. However, they are able to continue to work with weight machines or other equipment.

A study revealed that dropped weights contribute to two-thirds of upper body injuries during weightlifting. Shockingly, lifting free weights is responsible for nine out of ten bone-breaking accidents in the gym.

Benefits Of A Planet Fitness Membership

The advantages of the benefits of a Planet Fitness membership really start with the price.

This is among the cheapest memberships currently available, however, there are many reasons people prefer the Planet Fitness membership.

1. Lower Cost Option

Although it seems like joining a gym is an excellent option, which it likely is, you’re likely not to utilize it as often as you imagine. Only a handful of people are committed enough to head to the gym each day to complete effective training.

This is the reality of our lives and all the other things we are juggling. The reality is that Planet Fitness is one of the cheapest memberships is a reason to consider it, even when you don’t use it for just the occasional day.

Even if you’re not present every day is going to give you excellent value from your program.

2. Option For Planet Fitness Black Card

However, Planet Fitness has one really affordable and low-cost membership that is suitable for anyone, here is the possibility to buy here is the option to purchase Planet Fitness Black Card as well.

This is a unique premium membership that comes with many additional features. If you’re looking for the best gym experience This is a great option worth looking into.

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If you have the Planet Fitness Black Card, you are able to visit any Planet Fitness branch across the country. This is a great advantage for those who frequently travel and are always looking for new destinations to visit and yet be able to work out.

Additionally, the fitness center grants you unlimited guest passes. Additionally, you’ll receive discounts on Reebok products when you hold a Black Card membership at Planet Fitness.

Reebok offers a range of top-quality workout equipment as well as products and is an excellent brand to enjoy some additional savings.

3. Cardio

Planet Fitness is kind of famous for being an intense cardio gym. Anyone who is trying to shed weight or get into better shape is aware that cardio is an important part of the equation.

The best thing about cardio is that it burns calories quickly, and you can utilize a variety of equipment to keep it interesting. Exercises that involve cardio aren’t always popular with everyone in the gym, however, they are essential to enjoy a fantastic workout.

If you are a fan of treadmills, ellipticals, or bicycles, stair masters, and stair masters it is a fantastic gym to join.

Be aware that there are no free weights other than dumbbells, which means there are limitations on the services you can get through Planet Fitness, but when it concerns fitness, there are no restrictions.

Additionally, the standard of commercial gym equipment is far superior to the standard equipment you could install in your home.

4. Free Pizza Nights

All Planet Fitness locations may offer different promotions and special events for their members. For a lot of Planet Fitness locations, there is a pizza night for free.

The people will go to the fitness center, exercise with others, and have fun eating pizza with friends afterward. If you exercise for long enough during your workout session, you’ll burn off the pizza quickly.

Pizza nights are only one of the ways that Planet Fitness locations will try to get groups of people to have fun and spend time with each other.

Sometimes, there are charity events or contests and even competitions that a Planet Fitness location may sponsor..Being on track with no assistance can be a challenging procedure, and one that a lot of people will not wish to join.

5. Locker Rooms/Showers

Showers and locker rooms located at Planet Fitness can make it extremely convenient to use the gym. The chief of the business sets a high standard, ensuring that all locations maintain cleanliness in these spaces.

If you have concerns about the maintenance or comfort of your local Planet Fitness location, it is advisable to directly inform the Corporate Office. But, with locker rooms and gyms now being in place, it’s possible to work out prior to going to work or even prior to going out on the night.

Being able to squeeze the gym into various times during your day will make sure you are using it. If you’re not knowledgeable about when and how to make use of the gym, you’ll likely discover that the membership isn’t worth the cost.

Review your agenda and consider what features can help you make use of the gym quite much more often than you already do it. In the end, the greatest value you can gain from memberships like this is the ability to use the provided services.

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6. Drink Bar

The majority of Planet Fitness locations have a beverage bar that lets you cool down after getting a good workout.

After you’ve completed your training, get together with one or two of your friends to enjoy a nutritious, uplifting drink that will give your body the nutrients it requires.

The drink menu will change in accordance with your location at Planet Fitness nearest you, but it’s an advantage that many people consider an ideal social activity following exercise.

Make sure that when you select your Black Card option, you will also enjoy a reduction on all drinks available at the bar. Make use of this discount and take advantage of the bar to drink in the event that you have already paid to get this black card membership.

Limitations of Planet Fitness

Although Planet Fitness caters to a large number of people who are looking for a cost-effective and enjoyable gym experience there are some limitations to be aware of, especially for those who are a big fan of the strength and weightlifting.

  1. A restricted environment for serious weightlifters: Planet Fitness has implemented a “lunk alarm” policy, prohibiting excessive noise and aggressive behavior that is often associated with weightlifting that is serious. Although this policy provides an environment that is not intimidating for novices or casual gym-goers it can also hinder the more experienced weightlifters that require an intense and focused training space.
  2. Insufficient training equipment for advanced athletes In the past, Planet Fitness offers only a limited number of weights for free. For those whose fitness objectives include advanced weightlifting techniques or equipment, the choices offered by Planet Fitness are inadequate for your requirements.
  3. Crowds and noise levels: Because of its low cost and high popularity, Planet Fitness locations can be crowded in peak times. The high number of customers can result in long wait times for equipment, less privacy, and a more noisy working out atmosphere.

Free Weights Vs Machines at Planet Fitness

There’s no real choice when it comes down to selecting between free machines and weights on offer at Planet Fitness. Both are required.

Planet Fitness offers limited dumbbells ranging from 50-80 lbs. If you seek a more challenging workout, utilizing the Smith machine in the gym becomes necessary. At the end of the day, you could look for another gym in case the limitation on weights that are free in Planet Fitness is a problem.

FAQs – Does Planet Fitness Have Free Weights

Does Planet Fitness offer any free weights?

Absolutely, Planet Fitness does have some weights that are free, such as barbells and dumbbells. However, the options are limited.

Can I build muscle at Planet Fitness without free weights?

While the selection of free weights at Planet Fitness may be limited, you can still effectively build muscle with the available equipment. Incorporating compound exercises and maximizing the force generated by barbells and dumbbells will help increase muscle strength and increases.

Are there any alternatives to Planet Fitness for free weights?

Yes, you can find alternatives in place of Planet Fitness that offer a larger selection in free weights. The local gyms that offer weightlifting typically have an extensive range of free weights as well as specialized equipment specifically designed for weightlifting and strengthening.

Can I upgrade my membership for access to more weightlifting equipment?

Planet Fitness offers different membership different levels. To access weightlifting-specific equipment, inquire at your nearest Planet Fitness facility about their membership options and potential upgrades.

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