Does Planet Fitness Have Bench Press?

Are you asking yourself, “Does Planet Fitness Have A Bench Press?” If you’re thinking of becoming a member of Planet Fitness or are already an existing member, it’s only natural to be concerned regarding the facilities and equipment offered by the well-known gym chain. 

In this article, we’ll explore the subject and provide you with useful details regarding Planet Fitness and whether they provide equipment for bench presses. 

Does Planet Fitness Have Bench Press?

We will explore different exercises, the advantages that come with Planet Fitness, membership options as well as others. Let’s begin and find out if a bench press is part of your fitness or the experience of Planet Fitness.

Does Planet Fitness Have Bench Press?

Planet Fitness doesn’t come with an exercise bench. This doesn’t mean it is ineffective for bulking, however, should you be training for a powerlifting competition then you’ll need to train elsewhere. 

Bench presses, as well as other weight-training exercises for free, aren’t available on the premises of Planet Fitness; instead, the gym provides Smith Machines as a bench press alternative. This is the reason Planet Fitness is not a suitable option for people who wish to bulk up dramatically.

Planet Fitness is better suited for people who want to enhance their strength, health, and physical fitness. Planet Fitness is the ideal option in order to build muscles and build your muscles.

Apart from those who are just beginning it is not necessary to retrace your steps back to the beginning of the process of weight lifting.

The options for weight lifting available at Planet Fitness are extremely limited and are targeted at those looking to build strength and increase leanness. Planet Fitness does not offer the variety of weights needed to help promote significant muscle growth.

Why You Don’t Need Bench Press

There are a variety of other exercises that target the chest muscles such as:

Dominator Bench Press 

Planet Fitness offers dumbbells all the way to 80lbs and has benches that are adjustable and also available. Start by sitting on the flat bench with your back straight, and holding the dumbbell in each hand. 

Your forearm and your upper arm should be at an angle of 90 degrees, keeping your elbows placed on each side of your chest. Your hands and palms should face each other at this moment. 

Turn your wrists around to ensure that your palms are facing toward the front (away from each other). Inhale while pushing the dumbbells upwards using the chest muscles. 

Breathe and contract your chest muscles after you have your arms fully stretched. Keep this position for a second before you lower the dumbbells gradually. The lowering of the weights will take the same amount of time as lifting the weights up.

Butterfly Machine

Planet fitness is home to one of the top equipment for circuit training, such as the butterfly machine that targets the chest area in the middle. Adjust the height of your seat prior to getting on the butterfly machine, so it’s suitable for your needs. 

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Place your back on the cushion and keep your arms close to your side. Hold the handles with your fingers and ensure your arms are aligned with the floor. Now is the time to begin right now. 

Take the handles in your hands and gradually push them inwards while pressing your arms towards your chest, exhaling. Keep this position for a few seconds before breathing in and return to the starting position. This is an entire repetition in the game of hopscotch.

The Pushup 

don’t forget to mix with bodyweight exercises like pullups and pushups. These are great exercises to target the other muscles that do not require weights. 

The pushups aren’t requiring anything other than the weight of your your bodyweight therefore you don’t need any equipment! Take a full plank to start. 

Place the palms of your hands on the floor, approximately two-thirds of an inch apart. The soles of your feet should be in contact with the floor as well or in a row or divided by one foot. 

Put your palms on the walls with your legs and feet in a row. The body must be in a straight line, and your core muscles must be firm. Take a look at the floor. 

After that, lower yourself to an angle of 90 degrees then lower yourself until both elbows are in line with the floor. In the end, push yourself into the floor and then return to your plank position for one set.

Chest Press Machine 

The machine does come with a right-side situp chest press machine too.

Smith Machine Smith Machine 

you are able to exercise the bench press with the Smith machine too because they have adjustable benches. This means you can use a bench that is flat, decrease and rise to work out. Many Planet Fitness gyms have 2-3 Smith machines on hand.

The Benefits of Using A Bench Press

The primary component of every gym’s routine of weight training to increase push strength and bulking up the chest is the benching process. It is an extremely popular option for strength training because it targets the pectoralis muscle group and delivers remarkable results.

Even though Planet Fitness doesn’t have a bench press, it is an excellent idea to be aware of the benefits of a bench press if you’re considering joining a gym, and are wondering what a bench press could do to assist in building muscle body.

There are many advantages of utilizing the bench press:

Upper Body Strength

The strength of your pressing, particularly on the vertical plane will be the greatest increase with the bench press. This is the reason it is considered to be one of the most effective exercises. Pressing strength isn’t just a crucial ability to master, however, it can also help in many other moves.

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If you can increase your press power using the bench press, you’ll probably be able to see improvement in your incline press overhead press as well as dumbbell press.

The bench press is most well-known for its ability to build the chest however it also strengthens the triceps muscles quite well. If you look at biomechanics, then you’ll be able to understand the reason.

A large amount of elbow flexion happens during the time when the barbell sits at the chest level, and the triceps muscles have a wide movement range when stretching arms in this phase.

Whole Body Training

Although the triceps, sternum, and shoulders are the most beneficial from bench presses, however, you can work the entire body if you are doing it with the correct body posture.

The bench press works your stabilizer muscles because you’ll need them to ensure that the bar stays stable when you move it forward and back.

If done correctly, the muscles of the abdominals, forearms, and back and legs will get an excellent workout. Learning how to perform the proper movement is an ongoing process, so make sure you give yourself ample time to train yourself.

Burns Calories

The main purpose of any exercise that builds strength should be to build strength, however additional calorie spending can be a great benefit. Since the bench press is an all-body workout, performing it will require a lot of energy or calories.

Don’t be fooled to believe that exercising is the only method to build muscle Weight training is equally effective in creating muscle and burning calories.

One theory that suggests that doing intense compound exercises could aid in maintaining the muscle mass you have even while losing weight is that they increase protein synthesis, which can help the body to retain less fat.

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One of the only lifts that you can compete with can be the bench press, and this is an extremely unique benefit.

This could be done in a specific bench press contest or as part of a bigger powerlifting competition.

This could be of great appeal to those that thrive in competitive setting or those who are looking for motivational reasons to work out weights.

Muscle Growth

The best thing about using massive compound exercises is that they’re perfect to boost both the strength and growth of muscles simultaneously. Many who begin going to the gym can make mistakes by thinking that isolation exercises are the only method to increase muscles.

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In contrast, the opposite is true. Compound workouts that incorporate progressive load are equally effective as isolation workouts for promoting muscle development. They also help increase strength which isolation workouts do not.

In the end, you’ll be able to spend less time in the gym and concentrate more on your core fitness.

Improvement in Athletic Performance

A bench press workout is the best exercise for building the strength of your horizontal pressing in your upper body. This exercise is frequently utilized in competitive sports. 

In contact sports such as basketball, football, rugby, and hockey, in which players are often smacking each other as they move forward, force applied to the body is crucial.

This is because the traditional bench press is an effective functional exercise that replicates natural movements.

Bone Health

The significance of strong muscles should not be undervalued, however, neither should the significance of having healthy bones.

The good news is that building solid bones can be as easy as putting them in the shape of larger and heavier weights or, in other words slowly lifting heavy weights.

The result is tiny stress fractures that are then repaired by osteoblasts. The bone that develops consequently is significantly stronger.

Video Tutorial – Does Planet Fitness Have Bench Press?

Final Thoughts

Bench presses are ideal for those looking to tone the upper part of their body. Many who think of themselves as experts in gyms shun them because of their limitations, Smith Machine is a good alternative. Smith Machine does a lot of what a regular bench press can do.

Planet Fitness chose this kind of bench press due to a number of reasons, including better safety for their users as well as to make it easier for gym equipment that is more accessible for beginners. It is in line with Planet Fitness’ judgment-free zone philosophy.

FAQs – Does Planet Fitness Have Bench Press?

Can I do bench press exercises at Planet Fitness?

No, Planet Fitness doesn’t typically offer equipment for bench presses within their fitness centers. However, they do offer other exercises that focus on similar muscles.

What are the alternative exercises for bench press at Planet Fitness?

Some alternative exercises include dumbbell chest presses, chest fly, push-ups as well as machine-based chest presses.

Are there other gyms that have bench press equipment?

Yes, there are other fitness and gym centers that offer bench press machines. It is recommended to investigate and contrast the various options that are available according to your exercise requirements.

What are the benefits of joining Planet Fitness?

Some benefits of joining Planet Fitness include affordable membership options, a friendly and welcoming environment with a variety of fitness equipment, and an incredibly supportive community.

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