Does Planet Fitness Have A Pool?

Are you thinking of joining a gym, but you are thinking, “Does Planet Fitness Have A Pool?” This guide will give you all the details you require to be aware of Planet Fitness and its pool facilities. 

Although Planet Fitness is known for its accessible and affordable fitness facilities, it’s essential to be aware of the facilities they offer, which includes whether they have pools. 

If you’re seeking water-based workouts that are low-impact or just cooling down while working out Let us explore the existence in the pool area in Planet Fitness locations and help you make an informed choice. 

Does Planet Fitness Have A Pool?

Come along as we explore this world at Planet Fitness and uncover the facts about their pool facilities.

Does Planet Fitness Have a Pool?

Planet Fitness does NOT offer the option of a pool among its facilities. There is no pool at one of their locations throughout the United States.

The company wants to keep memberships at a reasonable price while having luxurious amenities such as pools and steam rooms pushes the cost of maintenance way up.

It also increases the price of membership up.

Remember that Planet Fitness’ basic membership Planet Fitness starts at around just $10 per month.

Why Doesn’t Planet Fitness Have A Pool?

Many gyms have a pool or are planning to build pools in the near future.

It might seem odd it’s odd Planet Fitness doesn’t capitalize on the benefits that a pool can provide its members.

There are a variety of reasons that stop Planet Fitness from investing in pools in their gyms.

Here are some of the reasons.

1. Cost Of Maintenance

A brand new pool looks fantastic however, it won’t stay the same for the duration of time. Maintenance of your pool is crucial to ensure that the pool is safe for use and looking beautiful.

The issue with maintaining a pool is that it’s costly in particular in the case of a pool that is public. It is essential for workers to keep an eye on the pH levels in the pool continuously.

If the pH fluctuates dramatically the result could have an effect on the material of the pool and also the people who swim in it.

Should Planet Fitness wants to avoid any health risk They’ll need to keep track of the pH levels in the pool and purchase expensive chemicals to maintain it at a neutral pH.

Another important aspect of maintenance for pools is cleaning. The stairs, walls as well as the floors of the pool will require regular cleaning.

In some cases, if lots of people utilize the pool, it’ll require even more maintenance.

2. Extra Staff

The majority of the employees of Planet Fitness are gym trainers or janitorial personnel, as well as receptionists. The trainers in the gym are well-versed about the equipment that Planet Fitness has in their gyms.

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They may not have the necessary knowledge about the various water sports and exercises. To compensate for that, Planet Fitness would need to recruit more employees.

The reality is that not every gym has the money to pay this many staff members. They might have to reduce their gym trainers and their janitorial staff. This could impact the quality of other services they offer.

There are those who believe that having specific water-based exercise classes could reduce some costs however this is only true when gym members show an interest in joining them.

People who reside in areas that are colder than the rest of the nation may not wish to take part in pool lessons during winter.

But, Planet Fitness would still have to keep their water fitness specialist to ensure they are available for the summer months.

3. Liability Problems

Planet Fitness already has a handful of insurance policies to cover any liability issues. They typically cover injuries resulting from equipment or injuries resulting from building construction.

The cost has already been incorporated into the budget of the company. Should Planet Fitness were to include the pool, they’d have to increase their liability insurance.

This would result in a higher cost for insurance. Budgets aren’t always able to accommodate that growth.

Pools aren’t always safe. Slips and falls happen on the stairs as well as the deck, or even the washing areas every day.

There is a chance that someone could attempt to take action against Planet Fitness if they faced an injury that was serious. Insurance for liability is required in order to keep this particular gym operating.

4. Not Enough Space

One of the reasons Planet Fitness doesn’t have a pool is because they don’t have enough space. A lot of Planet Fitness gyms are in shopping malls.

They’re joined by other businesses on either side. Growth is not possible. An Planet Fitness gym would need to relocate to a bigger space to accommodate the pool.

It is not possible for every gym to afford the expense of such a move like this. There’s always the risk of losing family members in the event that they relocate.

A lot of gym users opt for Planet Fitness because it’s in an easy area. These are usually in areas near suburbs. They’re right next to food stores and eateries making a trip to the gym more convenient.

Is Planet Fitness a Good Gym Even Without Swimming Pools?

Planet Fitness is undoubtedly one of the most popular gym franchises around the world. With regards to price and facilities offered, it’s far ahead of similar gymnasiums within the United States.

Even if your home isn’t equipped with a facility, there’s other equipment you can utilize to simulate the benefits of water workouts.

In addition, the unprejudiced appearance of Planet Fitness makes it the ideal choice for those who are just beginning their exercise journey.

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What Relaxing Amenities Does Planet Fitness Have?

Although Planet Fitness lacks aquatic amenities, however, there are ways to relax at any neighborhood Planet Fitness gym.

Showers and Lockers

Planet Fitness thankfully has showers and locker rooms for guests and members alike to wash off, wind down and unwind after a long workout.

The company views showers as an added benefit even more expensive gyms don’t have locker rooms on hand as well as some smaller chains may not have showers.

A shower isn’t a bad method of relaxation however, it’s certainly a more beneficial benefit than the gyms offer to offer.


If you’re a lover of hot tubs then might you prefer to try a HydroMassage instead? Instead of sitting in the jet of the hot tub, and relaxing it out to take care of the knots on your lower back, sit on the HydroMassage mattress instead.

A HydroMassage targets the muscles and soft tissues by massaging water jets. It’s intended to help you to cool down and loosen after exercise.

HydroMassages are different from the normal massage that a bed or chair can give you. It’s definitely worth experimenting with any of them.


If you love to get tanned and you want to relax after working out, go to one of Planet Fitness’ tanning beds. Relaxing on your couch while your skin is melted and bronzed definitely a great way to relax after a long day.

It’s quite an interesting bonus you’ll get in Planet Fitness, so make sure to avail it should you be in the market. There aren’t many gyms that let you enjoy tanning as part of your membership.

Alternatives to Planet Fitness with Pools

There aren’t any alternatives to Planet Fitness if you’re looking to locate a fitness center that’s in the same price bracket.

The Black Card membership with Planet Fitness, the premium plan, costs only $24.99 however, this is significantly less than the price of the standard plans offered by many major gym chains that offer swimming pools.

However, if having a swimming facility at your school is important to you, think about these options:

Gold’s Gym

There is Gold’s Gym franchise is another well-known option across the United States. The cost of membership varies between locations.

The price for basic memberships can range from a minimum of $20 to $25 and can end at $50 or $60 per month. which is a substantial increase compared to Planet Fitness.

Many of Gold’s Gym’s branches have pools that are fully functional, however, not each one. You should check the facilities offered by various branches by visiting Gold’s Gym’s site.

24-Hour Fitness

If you’re in love with U-Shaped pools, or pools with multiple lap lanes, then 24-Hour Fitness is the best option.

Of course, the cost of membership will increase because of the additional advantage of swimming in the pool in the gym. Silver plans can cost anything between $31.99 to $46.99 each month.

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There is a chance that not all 24 Hour Fitness locations have pools. You should verify the facilities offered by the individual branches via on the site of the gym’s website.

LA Fitness

LA Fitness fitness centers include everything you need Hot spas, swimming pools saunas, and even steam rooms.

In certain locations, there are lap and recreational pools that allow for more flexibility. There’s also a vast variety of water courses and programs you can choose from as an active member.

But, these extra benefits are not free. LA Fitness is the priciest of the three options with prices ranging between $30 and 50 dollars per month.

Wrapping Up

Planet Fitness is undoubtedly one of the most adored gym franchises in the world. The absence of swimming pools from their facility doesn’t negate the fact that it’s filled with a variety of amenities and the latest equipment.

For the price, Planet Fitness offers a number of benefits to its customers. However, if a swimming area is so significant to you be prepared to pay a premium by joining more high-priced gym franchises.

FAQs – Does Planet Fitness Have A Pool?

Can I find a Planet Fitness location with a pool?

Although certain Planet Fitness gyms have pools not all locations have swimming pools. It is important to inquire with your area Planet Fitness gym to determine whether they have a pool.

What are the benefits of joining Planet Fitness even if they don’t have a pool?

Planet Fitness offers a variety of amenities and facilities which include fitness machines, cardio facilities, class classes in groups, and many more. They offer a relaxing and relaxing environment for those who are of any fitness level. In addition, their low-cost membership choices make it an appealing option for those who want to make time for different aspects of their fitness.

Can I use the pool at Planet Fitness if I have a basic membership?

The availability of access to the pool could be contingent on your particular Planet Fitness location. Some gyms provide access to the pool for everyone regardless of membership level, whereas others may limit access to higher-tier memberships.

Are there other gyms or facilities that offer pool access beside Planet Fitness?

There are alternatives for those who are looking for gyms with access to pools. Community centers, recreation facilities, or even other gyms in your region may have pools as part of their facilities.

What are some popular pool exercises I can try?

There are many pool activities you can include in your exercise routine. There are many options for swimming laps as well as aqua jogging water walking, and making use of pool equipment like resistance bands or kickboards. Talking with an experienced fitness coach or swimming professional can give you advice on exercises that are in line with your objectives.