Does Planet Fitness Have A Basketball Court?

Are you a basketball fan seeking a gym that will cater to your love of the game? If yes, then you might be thinking, “Does Planet Fitness Have A Basketball Court?” 

In this post, we’ll examine the services provided by Planet Fitness and delve into the possibility of basketball courts being one of the facilities. 

If you’re searching for an establishment that offers an overall fitness experience, or a basketball court that is specifically designed for you We will give you all the information you require to make an informed choice. 

Does Planet Fitness Have A Basketball Court?

So, let’s get on our shoes and get ready to explore Planet Fitness’s world. Planet Fitness and its offerings for basketball fans.

Does Planet Fitness Have A Basketball Court?

There aren’t all Planet Fitness locations that have basketball courts. Although Planet Fitness aims to provide many amenities for customers, the facilities offered will vary based on the location. Certain Planet Fitness locations may have basketball courts, while others might not. 

You should check with the nearest Planet Fitness gym to see what facilities are available. It is easy to find the closest location to you by using Planet Fitness’s website or mobile app. Planet Fitness website or mobile app.

If you’re looking to join an exercise center that doesn’t cost the bank, think about joining a gym in one of the numerous gyms that have low-cost membership. 

Do not let the basketball court or other facilities put you off- gyms have beginner-friendly programs which will help new members feel safe and secure as they are learning about the game. 

It’s not too late to begin exercising; locate a low-cost gym close to you now. Even if you’re already in shape you can always make improvements by joining a local community gym that is welcome – even beginners.

Benefits of working out at a gym with a basketball court

A basketball court occupies an enormous amount of space within the gym.

Thus, you could anticipate paying a bit more when basketball is a possibility. But can you actually make the most of your investment?

Are basketball courts worth it?

It all comes down to how often you’re planning to play. If you have a group of friends that you know would like to go to the gym with you regularly, you’ll likely gain significantly.

In addition, if you’re open to making new acquaintances as well as playing games with people you don’t know you’ll find a number of benefits to take advantage of.

If you’re shy or have trouble socializing (hey there’s is there no shame in that — I do it sometimes also) you might have a hard time being a part of the pick-up basketball community in the gymnasium. It’s possible that the additional cost will not be worth it.

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If you find that basketball is a motivator to get out of your house and to go to the gym frequently is definitely worth the extra money.

Boost your self-esteem  

If you are a basketball player it is possible that you don’t always take the lead. However, you will notice your confidence growing with time and this is a huge boost to your confidence.

You might not be the greatest player in your current position however, after a few games you’ll be able to notice your game improving.

Furthermore, if you play with your friends you’ll have friends to cheer you on. Everyone is hoping for fun and is at their best. This incentive could be exactly the thing you need to keep training and working out.

Enhance mental development

Basketball keeps you and is on your toes. You must be aware of what teammates are doing, and also what you can do to make the next shot.

It’s easy to lose focus in the gym. It’s easy to get into a routine, but you’re not focused on the goal.

In basketball, your brain is always in the game. You have to think about strategies and think strategically, which is great in your problem-solving abilities in the field.

Stay motivated  

Basketball is a sport where players like you have to plan out times when you’ll all go to the gym.

You shouldn’t be able to bail on them without warning. For many people, it’s difficult to even get to the gym when there are multiple other obligations.

When you’re on the team, there is an incentive to get to the gym at least once each week.

It can be fun working out and there are other people who can help you to continue working out particularly if you’ve only just started your fitness journey.

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Which big box gyms usually have basketball courts?

Let’s take a look at the top gyms to visit in case you’d like to play basketball frequently.

A general rule is that not all gyms have the same facilities. It’s not uncommon to find basketball courts within some gyms, but they might not be found in a majority of places.

In general the case, here’s what to expect from the biggest names.

1. Equinox

Equinox offers one of the top basketball courts that you can find in any major box gym.

The company has regulation-sized basketball courts in the Fitness Sports Club that are designed to resemble an arena for professional sports.

Equinox offers their courts to practice, train, and for league play. There’s a good chance that a lot of people want to sign up for the courts, so be sure that you’ve got your name on the list.

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Your friends and you can have a great time during Equinox. Some gyms even have in-gymnasium restaurants. After an event together, you are able to grab a bite to eat and remember the work you’ve put into it.

2. Life Time

Life Time gyms have some of the finest basketball courts in the world. The courts are made of hardwood which makes you feel like you’re on a professional court.

If you’re concerned about how long you’ll play on the court, do not worry!

Life Time has “pickup play” that is scheduled each week. Kids younger than 17 to play, as effectively as those older than 40. There’s of course free court time, where you can play as you want to do, so long as it’s not overly crowded.

One of the wonderful aspects of Life Time is that select places actually have their own competitions. Your friends and you will see how far you’ve been when you sign up and see how you can get it.

There are even training camps for you when you have children who are looking to learn to play better. There are other gyms that are suitable when you like to play. If you’re serious about your love for the basketball game Then Life Time is where it’s at.

3. LA Fitness

You’ll need to bring your best game when you plan to shoot the hoops in LA Fitness. Basketball teams are usually available for 8 to 10 weeks.

If you participate in these events, your results are tracked in-depth, so you can determine how you actually stack against the other players.

Although Life Time will have a basketball court as well as a pool, sauna, and many other amenities, it’s likely that it’s the LA Fitness nearest you will only have a basketball court.

If so then you could save yourself lots of trouble by downloading the app in order it can allow you to reserve a space on the court prior to your arrival.


YMCA is a fantastic alternative for families.

There’s a lot of variety between the locations from one place to another, therefore be sure you know prior to time the services offered by your location.

Apart from courts, you can also find courts that have swimming pools, batting cages, and even courts for racquetball. It is a fantastic alternative for your entire family if you’re all looking to do something different during your workouts.

The YMCA usually has special events that be held on the court. The Y generally offers a more relaxed atmosphere than other gyms. So when you’re starting to learn about basketball, it could be the ideal option.

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5. 24-Hour Fitness

24-Hour Fitness can be expensive when it comes to membership fees for gyms. With all the benefits you can get at specific locations, you might be able to get the most value for your money.

There are a lot of hours of 24 Hour Fitness places have basketball courts, particularly when you are in a major city such as Los Angeles.

Apart from the shooting hoops you are also able to play volleyball, do laps, and splash around in the pool at the same time!

24-Hour Fitness seems to be well-known for its cleanliness. You can therefore be expecting a tidy court, where you don’t need to worry about getting onto someone else’s sweat.

6. Gold’s Gym

If you’re lucky, you might be able to locate an indoor basketball court in the Gold’s Gym.

The courts listed are accessible for you to play a short match-up or a full-on game against your adversaries.

These are among the tinier gyms on the market. But, there are some that are larger than others and you should go on a tour or phone ahead to ensure that the nearest one has a court to use.

Wrapping Up

Unfortunately, Planet Fitness does not offer basketball courts at any of its locations. Although there aren’t any basketball courts in Planet Fitness locations, you can exercise your strength, cardio, agility, balance, and more to prepare you for whenever you are on a court for basketball. 

Planet Fitness has a lot of advantages if you join its memberships. These include massages, discounts on drinks as well as Reebok equipment.

FAQs – Does Planet Fitness Have A Basketball Court?

Is there a basketball court at all Planet Fitness locations?

Basketball courts aren’t accessible everywhere at Planet Fitness locations. The availability of these courts can differ based on the particular gym.

Are the basketball courts at Planet Fitness full-sized?

The size of the basketball courts in Planet Fitness can vary. It is suggested that you ask about the dimensions of the courts in the gym you are in.

Can I join a basketball league at Planet Fitness?

Although Planet Fitness may offer basketball courts at specific places, it is important to remember that not every gym offers basketball leagues. It is best to inquire with the gym you are at to find out whether they have league options.

Are there any additional fees for using the basketball court at Planet Fitness?

Planet Fitness typically includes the usage of facilities like basketball courts, as part of their regular membership fee. It is however recommended to check the local gym’s policies for any extra charges associated with the use of courts for basketball.

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