Can You Deadlift At Planet Fitness?

You’re probably aware that deadlifting is a great way to build strength and muscles. If you are a member of Planet Fitness, the renowned gym known for its unique fitness approach, you may be wondering if deadlifts can be performed in their facilities. 

This article will explore the world of Deadlifting, and provide an overview of Planet Fitness’ policies. We’ll also answer the burning question: Can You Deadlift At Planet Fitness?

Can You Deadlift At Planet Fitness?

We will explore the alternatives and guide you through the Planet Fitness philosophy. We’ll explore the limitations and possibilities of deadlifting in Planet Fitness.

Can You Deadlift At Planet Fitness?

Is there a free weight for deadlifting at Planet Fitness? Answer: Yes and no. The weights at Planet Fitness are different from branch to branch.

A typical Planet Fitness has medicine balls, dumbbells, and yoga balls as well as adjustable weight and resistance bands. The free weights are a variety of items that you can use to perform any exercise.

There are also a variety of resistance bands and medicine balls. The rest of the equipment is Resistance Training Machines, and cardio (lots of cardio).

Your fitness goal and your strength will determine what you choose.

How to deadlift at planet fitness?

The deadlift is a compound exercise for strength training that targets several muscles in the body including glutes and hamstrings. It also works the quads, grip, and back. 

Planet Fitness does not allow deadlifts, despite their many benefits. This policy was put in place to make sure that everyone feels comfortable and safe at the gym.

Doing Deadlifts On a Smith Machine

Smith Machine Stiff Leg Deadlift: Set the bar at the height of the Smith machine to the middle of the thighs. Grab the bar and place your palms shoulder-width apart. 

Feet should be shoulder-width apart, or slightly narrower. The knees should be slightly bent.

You can make the exercise as effective and safe as possible by understanding the correct form, steps to take, and dangers. When using a angled Smith Machine to perform deadlifts, you should face the machine so that the bar path is angled.

Why don’t gyms allow deadlifts?

It is one of the most demanding exercises for strength and muscle building. It’s for this reason that it is often excluded from fitness programs, and considered to be too dangerous. 

Planet Fitness allows deadlifts but with a few caveats. You can only deadlift using a trap bar (also known as a hex bar). It’s a barbell designed for this exercise that has weight plates on both ends. 

You’ll also need a spotter to perform deadlifts in Planet Fitness. A spotter is someone who helps you lift the weight if you are struggling. 

The deadlift is the only lift that requires a spotter at Planet Fitness. It’s because deadlifting puts a great deal of strain on the lower back. If you aren’t careful, it can be easy to injure yourself. It’s best to be cautious when lifting weights.

Planet Fitness Deadlift Alternative

You will learn all possible reasons why deadlifts are not allowed at Planet Fitness. They’ll be discussed shortly.

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Don’t give up just yet. There are alternatives to traditional deadlifts if you cannot do them.

You don’t need to leave the gym if you can find a deadlift alternative that works for you.

Smith Machine Deadlift

All Planet Fitness gyms feature Smith Machines. The Smith Machine is a piece of gym equipment that contains a barbell fixed within a steel track. You can only move it vertically. This is a safer alternative to deadlifts.

Here’s a guide on how to perform deadlifts with a Smith Machine in Planet Fitness.

  1. Make sure that the bar is at the mid-shin height. Ensure that the bar is locked securely into the machine.
  2. Make sure you are in the deadlifting position. Make sure your feet are hip-width apart. To improve your posture, have coaches and trainers guide you through each step.
  3. To stabilize your lower body muscles, tighten up your core and activate your glutes before lifting.
  4. Push through your heels to lift the barbell. Keep your chest and back up.
  5. After you have completed the movement, gently lower the bar to its starting position. Bend only your knees and hips. While doing this, keep your back straight and your chest up.
  6. Continue to repeat the movements until you have completed your set.

Kettlebell Deadlift

Most Planet Fitness gyms should have a kettlebell. Kettlebells are a great alternative to deadlifts.

How to do it?

  1. Place the kettlebell in front of yourself.
  2. Put your feet hip-width apart and in a deadlifting position.
  3. Grab the kettlebell with both hands by bending your knees, hingeing your hips, and lowering your body gently. As you lift the kettlebell, make sure your back is straight.
  4. You can lift the kettlebell using your heels. Ensure that you keep your chest up and your back straight during the entire movement.
  5. After reaching the top of the kettlebell, bend your hips and knees to bring it back down. You should still be in the same position with your chest and back.
  6. Repeat the movement as many times as you want until the desired number of repetitions is reached.

Dumbbell deadlifts

The Dumbbell deadlifts are a good alternative to traditional deadlifts.

It is important to note that lifting barbells also helps you engage your core muscles, upper back, and grip.

If you only lift dumbbells you’ll need to do other exercises in order to compensate.

  1. Start with a dumbbell in your hand. Standing with feet shoulder-width apart, toes facing forward.
  2. Keep the same position you would have in a standard deadlifting position.
  3. Keep dumbbells close to you while lowering them. Keep your back flat and your hips behind your upper body. Your knees should be in line with your feet.
  4. Pause briefly at the bottom of your movement. Push through your heels, and then return to standing while maintaining the same position.
  5. Repeat the same motion.
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Smith Machine Rack Pulls

Smith Machine rack pullings are a great alternative to deadlifts and Smith Machine deadlifts. They target the muscles of the entire posterior chain, as well as the upper-back muscles such as the traps.

The main difference between rack pulls and conventional deadlifts is that you begin lifting weights at a higher height.

  1. The bar should be locked at the level of your knees. This will be your starting point for the rack-pulling motion.
  2. Get into the position of shoulder width by slightly bending the knees and hips.
  3. Start the lift-off by pressing your heels. Ensure that you keep the standard deadlift posture (straight back with chest out) throughout the exercise.
  4. You should not lower yourself below the starting position after reaching the top of the motion.
  5. Repeat the motion.

Why Can’t You Deadlift at Planet Fitness?

At Planet Fitness, deadlifting is strictly forbidden. But it’s not just for no reason. The management of Planet Fitness was compelled to take this drastic step by a number of factors.

Here are some examples:

Safety Concerns

Planet Fitness has officially stated that deadlifting is not allowed in their facilities. The global fitness chain simply isn’t comfortable with the idea of one of its members getting injured while trying to deadlift.

This might be funny to powerlifters or bodybuilders who are experienced, but it is not for beginners.

Deadlifting involves a complex compound movement. Beginners who don’t use proper technique and form can suffer from various injuries including vertebral breaks and other spine issues.

It’s not all about technique and form. Beginners can still sustain serious injuries even if they follow their trainers’ instructions and keep the correct posture when lifting heavy weights. Deadlifting requires a great deal of core strength. Beginners lack the core stability required to deadlift.

Planet Fitness decided that it is safer for its members not to perform deadlifts at all, as the majority of its members are beginners and casual athletes.

Loud Noises

You may have heard about the lunk alert. The feature is still available in all Planet Fitness gyms, even though the chain rarely uses it.

What is the lunk alarm, then? The lunk alarm is a siren or a horn that can be activated by PF staff to discourage “lunking”. It includes grunting, shouting, and dropping weights to the floor while exercising.

Planet Fitness took this drastic step to create a more comfortable atmosphere for its members, where they are not intimidated by aggressive and loud gym-goers.

The lunk alarm may be controversial, but many people think it’s a necessity to maintain a judgment-free environment in Planet Fitness gyms.

Many people drop barbells from a considerable height on the floor after the last repetition. This can cause loud noises or even damage to the floor.

Preventing intimidation

You may have noticed that the Planet Fitness studios target a specific group of clients – casual exercisers.

They are people who just started their fitness journey, and don’t do hard-core exercises such as deadlifts. Planet Fitness is the ideal place for those who have regular jobs but don’t have much time to exercise.

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If they want to reach this demographic, then they need to make some changes so that the newbies can feel comfortable and safe while working out. The deadlift is a very high-end exercise that can be intimidating to many people.

Planet Fitness has banned deadlifts to maintain a comfortable atmosphere for beginners.

Space Constrictions

The majority of Planet Fitness gyms have enough space. This is an important factor, especially when you consider that people only pay $10 per month for these facilities.

Now, deadlifting requires proper platforms. The powerlifting platforms require a lot of space. It’s also not recommended to do deadlifts on the ground because the weight can cause damage and weakening of the foundation.

Commercial gyms such as Planet Fitness feel that deadlifting should be banned completely due to the risks.

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How heavy is the deadlift bar at Planet Fitness?

Weights are printed on the sidewalls of Smith’s machines at Planet-Fitness. We should aim for a simple design but with a weight of 20-30 kg. 

Despite some reports claiming that Planet Fitness gyms ‘Smith Machines weigh 30 pounds, not all PF Gyms have large weight bars.

Final Words

You can do all types of exercises at Planet Fitness, including deadlifts and squats.

It’s okay to do deadlifts on the Smith machine. Just make sure you aren’t doing it just to boost your ego or get attention. Planet Fitness doesn’t appreciate members who flaunt their muscles and show off in front of others.

The gym has several dumbbells that you can use to do any strength-training exercise as long as you don’t violate the “no intimidating” policy.

FAQs – Can You Deadlift At Planet Fitness?

Can I deadlift with a barbell at Planet Fitness?

Planet Fitness discourages barbell deadlifting. Check with your local gym to find out the specific rules.

Are there any restrictions on weightlifting at Planet Fitness?

They do this to keep the environment comfortable and non-intimidating. This could affect exercises that involve excessive noise or intimidatory behavior.

Can I achieve my fitness goals without deadlifting at Planet Fitness?

Yes, you can achieve your fitness goals at Planet Fitness without deadlifting. Planet Fitness has a variety of equipment and exercise options that will help you achieve your fitness goals without deadlifting.

What are some alternative exercises to deadlifting at Planet Fitness?

Planet Fitness offers a variety of alternatives to deadlifting. You can use dumbbells or kettlebells to target the same muscle groups, or you can utilize specific machines.

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