Can I Bring A Guest To Planet Fitness?

Can I Bring A Guest To Planet Fitness? – Do you have a Planet Fitness membership and are wondering if it is possible to bring a friend along with you for your workouts? You’re at the right place. 

This article will answer the question “Can I Bring A Guest To Planet Fitness?” We will provide all the necessary information. 

Understanding Planet Fitness’ guest policies is important, whether you want to share your fitness journey with a family member or friend or seek accountability for your workouts. 

Can I Bring A Guest To Planet Fitness?

Let’s explore the details of bringing a guest to Planet Fitness, and learn how you can improve your fitness journey with them.

Can I Bring A Guest To Planet Fitness?

You can bring guests to Planet Fitness. However, there are a few things to keep in mind. Planet Fitness allows members to bring a guest, but the details may vary depending on the type of membership and location.

Bring a friend along to the gym. It’s a great way to enjoy fitness with someone you love. This can provide a sense of accountability and motivation, which will make your workouts more productive and enjoyable.

How Much Does It Cost to Bring a Friend to Planet Fitness?

You can bring your guest to Planet Fitness for free if you have a black-card membership. You can get one geist for every workout. It is one of the many benefits of having a black-card membership. You do not need to pay any extra.

Basic members are not allowed to bring guests as this benefit is not included. You must pay $20 for any guests you bring to the gym. You can offer your guests a free session of exercise if they are considering joining. Planet Fitness allows people to try out the gym.

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You can apply the $20 you paid for your guest to their membership fee if they choose to join. The basic plan costs $10 per month, so they will get two months for free.

Bring Two Guests with You to Planet Fitness

Even if you have a black membership card, you cannot bring more than one guest to Planet Fitness. It is because you can only bring one guest to Planet Fitness at a given time, even if you have a black-card membership.

The gym allows you to bring one guest at a given time. You can bring up to two guests at once. One will get in for free and the second will pay $20.

One at a time

Planet Fitness does not allow its members to have more than one guest in the gym at any given time. The gym could become overcrowded and lose money from those without a membership.

You can get yourself a basic Planet Fitness membership if your friend is a regular. It costs only $10, and allows them to exercise whenever they want.

This will prevent them from bringing their guest but you can get a guest that needs to join.

One Day Fee

This amount will be deducted from the plan if someone pays $20 for a day pass and then decides to join. They will receive two months free on their primary membership of $ 10 per month.

What Is Planet Fitness’s Policy on Bringing Guests?

Planet Fitness lets black cardholders bring a guest with them every time they exercise. It could even be multiple times per day.


Even with a black membership, you can only bring one guest. You can only bring one guest at a given time. However, you are allowed to bring another one every time you visit.

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You must be present with your guest. Even if your guest has a black card, they cannot leave without you. Planet Fitness scans your card to verify that it is you and not your guest. Your photo will appear.

You cannot invite a guest if you are a member of the basic membership, which costs $10 per month. Upgrade to the black card plan instead of the basic membership and you will receive this benefit.

For guests who do not have black card members to accompany them, they will be charged $20 to enter the gym for one day. If they also want to become a member, they can get a complimentary pass.

FAQs – Can I Bring A Guest To Planet Fitness?

Can I bring multiple guests at once?

Some Planet Fitness locations do allow their members to bring more than one guest. It’s important to contact your local branch and ask about their policies.

Is there an additional fee for bringing a guest?

There may be an additional fee for bringing guests. The amount and structure of the fee can vary based on the membership plan you have and the length of time the guest is staying. When upgrading your membership or obtaining a Guest Pass, it’s advisable to ask about any additional fees.

Can guests use all the equipment at Planet Fitness?

Members have access to most of the equipment and amenities that guests can use. Certain amenities or equipment may be subject to restrictions or extra requirements. During their visit, your guest can ask about any restrictions or guidelines.

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